Draft Kings: Basic tips

As a soccer lover and a fantasy soccer addict I was very happy when I discovered Draft Kings here in the US. You know, in Spain, even if fantasy soccer is big we don´t have a platform where you can actually win prizes or cash. Today I’m only going to talk a little bit about the basics of Draft Kings.


First of all let´s take a look at the scoring rules, depending on what kind of rules the platform has, we´ll be more interested in one kind of player or another.

  • Goal = +10 PTs
  • Assist = +6 PTs
  • Shot = +1 PTs
  • Shot on Goal = +1 PTs
  • Crosses = +0.75 PTs (via corner kick, open play, and set pieces)
  • Fouls Drawn = +1 PTs
  • Fouls Conceded = -0.5 PTs
  • Tackle Won = +1 PTs
  • Pass Intercepted (D,M,F) = +0.5 PTs
  • Yellow Card = -1.5 PTs
  • Red Card = -3 PTs
  • Penalty Kick Miss = -5 PTs
  • Saves (GK) = +2 PTs
  • Goal Conceded (GK) = -2 PTs
  • Clean Sheet (GK) = +5 PTs
  • Clean Sheet (D) = +3 PTs
  • Win (GK) = +5 PTs
  • Penalty Kick Save (GK) = +3 PTs

From what we see here, we´ll be always looking for:

  • Set piece takers or  with a lot of crosses per game (Messi, Neymar, Ozil, De Bruyne, etc…)
  • Players that like to hold the ball, they will receive more fouls. (Neymar, Alexis, Dembelé, Douglas Costa, etc…)
  • Top scorers (Messi, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Lewandowski, Aguero,etc…)
  • Attacking defenders. Most likely LB and RB, that will give you a couple extra points from crosses and shots.
  • Payers with an easy game. Defenders and goalies will have more chances to get a clean sheet and the win bonus. It will also be easier for midfielders and forwards to get offense points.

As you can see I´m using some big names as example, but the real key is to find those players with potential at a lower cost. From all the players I mentioned, we´ll be able to include only 2 or 3 in our team, and we have to pick 8 players total.

Stay tuned because during the week I’ll post a couple picks for La Liga Draft Kings and I’ll also show you my team for Saturdays contest.


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