Draft Kings Premier League: Week 9

Week 9 is already here and like every week we are going to have our chance to do something big with Draft Kings.

If you don´t like to risk too much, but at the same time you want to have the chance to win a decent amount in one day, I recommend the 20$K Striker contest. Usually the entry fee is only 3$ and the total prize is 20$K, so if you finish in 1st place you´ll get 1K$, not bad at all. Let´s take a look at the games included in this contest:


Arsenal vs Middlesbrough: It should be an easy game for Arsenal at home. Basically, we need to buy as many Arsenal players as we can afford. I’ll go with Walcott and Alexis since these too are in better shape than the rest and they will have many chances to score.

Burnley vs Everton: I need to start thinking about what decent players I can get at a low cost, in this case I think I´ll choose Jagielka. With Defour out, Evertons chances of getting a clean sheet increase. For those who really trust Lukaku for this one, it could work, but with this kind of player it’s always a gamble.

Hull vs Stoke: Shaquiri or Snodgrass, Shaquiri or Snodgrass, Shaquiri or Snodgrass… Probably whoever I don´t pick is going to get more points, so I think I’ll pass.  I´ll go for Grant though, I need a keeper and Stoke has a good chance of getting a clean sheet.

Leicester vs Crystal Palace: Usually Towseand and Puncheon would be both good options, but I think I´ll pass this time. Mahrez is not doing great in the EPL neither lately. I need cheap players than can offer me a good base, I’ll take Morgan.

Swansea vs Watford: Sigurdsson would be the best pick from this game, but my budget is going to be somewhere else.

West Ham vs Sunderland: Payet is a must, we also  have a couple other good options like Antonio and Lanzini. I´ll take Payet.

Liverpool vs West Bromwich Albion: Coutinho, Sturridge, Firmino, Chadli… These four would be the best picks from this game, in this order. Since all our budget went to the 3 big guns (Walcott, Alexis and Payet) I´ll take Matt Phillips, left flank taking set pieces, he should get a couple points this weekend. I´ll also take McCauley, as I said before, I need cheap defenders that offer consistency.

We´ll see the lineups on Saturday morning, but for right now my squad is: Grant, McCauley, Morgan, Jagielka, Phillips, Payet, Walcott and Alexis.

Let’s see how many points we get! Feel free to leave a comment with your squad for this Saturday.


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