Sunday Draft Kings: La Liga

First of all let´s take a look at our team in one of the Saturdays Premier League contests. Our picks were: Grant, McCauley, Morgan, Jagielka, Phillips, Payet, Walcott and Alexis.

Well this is exciting, we ended up in the money zone! 5$. I know, I shouldn´t be excited but it ended way better than how it started. As you can see we ended up in position 2062/7696.


Arsenal was really disappointing at home against Middlesbrough, leaving Alexis and Walcott with just a few points each. Luckily Shawcross (11.5p) and McCauley (15.5p) came to rescue the team, and as expected, the MVP was Payet with 23 points.

La Liga

Sunday comes and it´s time for La Liga, let´s take a look at the games for tomorrow:


Real Madrid is playing at home, and even if Bilbao is a tough team, I think it would be too risky not to carry Bale and Cristiano for tomorrow. Right now we would be looking at this lineup:


Forwards: As I said, too risky not to carry the 2 ”bichos” of this contest. A couple other good options for this position would be: Griezman, Benzema and Sansone/Bakambu.

Midfielders: Viera is that kind of player that makes things happened, he connects midfielders and forwards. Also, he has almost all the set pieces for Las Palmas. I Also added Castillejo since he´s a set piece taker as well and he shoots as soon as he sees the space. Players like Kroos, Carrasco, Nasri or Isco are also good options for tomorrow.

Defenders: If all goes well, Juankar will start as a forward for Malaga, so this will give us a lot of offense points plus a solid defense base. Escudero is doing great so far as a left back, I don´t expect a clean sheet this time but I think he´ll get plenty of interceptions and crosses. I had 3,900$ left and it was time to make a logical decision, Godín was the player within this budget with a higher point average. I don´t like the fact that he´s a CB, but as I said he was the best of the worst. I also expect a good performance from players like: Filipe Luis, Carvajal, Marcelo, Juanfran, Mario, Mariano and Rosales.

Keeper: I didn´t have enough money to buy Kameni, so I was between Asenjo and Oblak. Serantes was also a good option but I don´t see Leganés winning the game nor getting a clean sheet. Oblak was my final pick.

Let´s see how it goes tomorrow and if we have to make any chances when the lineups are out. Right now, I really like what I picked.


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