Draft Kings Saturday: La Liga week 10

Week 10 is already here! Lets see if things go better than week 9. We ended up out of the money zone, but hey, at least we got to see good soccer. Last week our team was basically based on Ronaldo and Bale, the 2 big guns didn´t perform so we stayed out of the rewarded positions. Also, Viera got only 2 points, I really thought he would be more active.

Week 10

We´ll only have 3 games for Saturdays contest, including both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona games.


Let´s take a look at this week´s picks:


As you can see, one more week more than 50% of our budget well go to 2-3 players. In this case Suárez, Messi and Neymar will be our big guns, with Kroos also expected to do well.

  • Juankar and Hernández are both attacking defenders that can give us those extra points from crosses and shots on goal. I don´t expect clean sheets there.
  • I think Umtiti is an awesome center back , but he´s usually not a good pick for fantasy. I picked him hoping he´ll get a couple shots on goal from corner kicks and a good base of defensive points. I expect a clean sheet from this pick.
  • The keeper is the risky pick of the week, since we don´t the budget to get one of the 3 big keepers, we have to risk it and guess who´s going to receive less goals. I´m between Kameni and Pacheco, but for right now I´ll stay with Kameni.

This is one of those contests where you have multiple options for each position:

Forwards: Bale, Ronaldo, Griezman, Gameiro, Benzema

Midfielders: Carrasco, Koke, Gaitan, Rakitic, Isco

Defenders: Marcelo, Danilo, Digne, Roberto, Filipe, Juanfran

Keepers: Oblak, Navas, Stegen

Good luck everybody! Let´s see if this week we end up in the green zone.


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