Draft Kings: Cash

The team I published in my las article did not achieve anything this weekend, luckily we decided to jump into one of the La Liga contests and this one went really well. We ended up 7th out fo 200+ teams and we earned 20 units more.


This was the lineup:


Green numbers

Let’s take a look at how things have gone so far. Remember, we started with 25 units and only played contests that required 3 units entry fee. So far, our deposit went up by an 80% after 15 contests. This means that if you have been following me since the beginning right now you are an 80% richer than before.


This numbers reflect how things have gone so far with 1 entry per contest, we started with 25$ and right now we have 45$, so we are talking about 20$ profit per entry. If you followed by advice with 10 entries per contest, right now we are talking about 200$ profit.

Next week we won’t have La Liga nor Premier League since there’s a break for the World Cup Qualifiers. We might give the national teams a try, depending on what kind of contest we can find, right now it’s too early to draft a team since we don’t know yet what games are going to be included in the contest.

Stay tuned for more news.


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