Draft Kings: Premier League Week 12

We still have a week until the next Premier League contest but I couldn’t wait to write something already. This contest will include 7 different games, what makes it even more difficult, but at the same time it gives us the chance to win more money. The first price is 1000$/entry with a 3$ fee. Let’s take a look at the games in this contest and see what players do we pick for our team.

Premier League Contest week 12

Crystal Palace vs Manchester City: I won’t say this is a difficult game for Pep but it’s a difficult situation after the 1-1 vs Middlesbrough. I expect city to win and hopefully with a clean sheet since I´ll pick Otamendi from this game. I´ll also pick De Bruyne. I won’t choose Agüero this time since I´m looking for a more balanced team and Agüero’s price in over 9k as usual. Towsend, Sterling, Gundogan and Puncheon are also good picks but a little more risky.

Everton vs Swansea: I expect Lukaku to have a good game this week, he’s going to be in my team. I also expect Everton to get a clean sheet, that’s why I also picked Stekelenburg.  Any player from Everton’s offense will be a good pick this week: Lukaku, Bolasie, Barkley or Mirallas. Coleman and Oviedo can also give you a good amount of points, specially Coleman but of course he’s a little more pricey. Siggy from Swansea is also a good pick, even if Swansea doesn’t play well.

Southampton vs Liverpool: I don’t expect many goals in this game, that’s way I won’t pick any of the players in it, a bit risky I know. I would definitely pick Coutinho if I could but unfortunately I don’t have enough budget. I also thought about Milner and I actually had him in my team for a couple minutes, but I don’t think this is the best game for him. Charlie Austin, Mané and Firmino are also good picks, but I bit more risky.

Stoke City vs Bournemouth: If Shaquiri comes back in time he can be an awesome pick, but we’ll have to wait for more news about his status. Allen is also a good choice but with this player you never know if he’ll have a good day. Charlie Adam has been performing well lately and right now has a very low price, unfortunately we don’t know yet if he’ll be in the starting 11. For now hi’s in my team. From Bournemouth side Stanislas is also a good option.

Sunderland vs Hull City: This two teams are not in their best moment right now, what can lead to a very unstable game. It could also lead to an extremely boring 0-0. I expect both teams to attack basically because both teams need to win. Snodgrass will be in, I expect many things from him this weekend. Van Anholt is my other pick, hopefully he’ll be running up and down during 90 min giving us a plenty of points. Nothing else from this game, maybe Defoe…

Watford vs Leicester: It’s hard to predict what’s gonna happen in this game. Will Leicester wake up? We don’t know. Again, anything from this game but Vardy, Mahrez and Deeney would be decent picks. Janmaat and Zuñiga (If he stars) might be interesting as well, specially Zuñiga at 4.3k

Tottenham vs West Ham: Usually West Ham receives goals when they play away and also have some difficulties to score. Eriksen is going to be my pick from this game. I know I always say Payet is a must but he’s playing away and against what can be the strongest defense in the Premier League. Walker, Rose and Kane are also potential good picks.

As you can see this is a contest with many games, so in the end we have to leave some big players out of our squad. Logics say that the ones we are not picking have less chances to score points, the problem is that with players like Payet, Coutinho, Aguero, etc… Nobody is safe. My team for week 12 is:


Otamendi | Van Anholt

Adam | De Bruyne | Snodgrass | Eriksen







2 Comments Add yours

  1. Albert BC says:

    UPDATE: I realized I need to have Aguero in the team so I made a couple changes:

    Britos | Van Anholt

    De Bruyne | Adam

    Defoe | Aguero | Lukaku


  2. Albert BC says:

    UPDATE: Since we don’t have more info about C.Adam I won’t risk it and I’ll go with S. Davies (Southampton). I’m also switching Zieler for Marshall.


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