Frank’s goal for Pat Lampard

Today I wanted to write about one of the most moving moments I’ve seen during a soccer game. Today I want to share with you the goal and the moment that made us all remember Pat Lampard for ever. As you well guessed, Pat was Frank Lampard’s mom, we all know Frank as one of the best midfielders of all Premier League history.

Frank Lampard’s mom

Back in 2008, Lampard was still playing for Chelsea and like every year the team was competing to win the Premier League and the Champions League, so you could say that every game was extremely important. But 2008 was an especially rough year for Frank, his mom was suffering from severe pneumonia and the situation finally took a turn for the worse. In April 2008 Pat Lampard was admitted to a London Hospital and Frank missed a couple Premier League games to be by her side. That week Chelsea was playing against Liverpool and Pat’s symptoms improved a little bit so Frank made himself available for the Champions League game. After the game Frank went back to be at her side again, hoping she would get better.

On Thursday her symptoms suddenly deteriorated and Frank decided to leave the club training to be back at her bedside. Pat Lampard finally died on Thursday and the soccer world stopped to grieve Frank’s mom.

Frank missed the title decider against Manchester United that weekend, but decided to play the Champions League home game against Liverpool. He said that his mom wouldn’t have wanted him to miss that game, his exact words were: “Knowing her, she would’ve had a right go at me for not playing this game.”

The moment

And this leads to the moment I was talking about before. Home Champions League semi-final game against Liverpool, the game is tied 2-2. The ref calls a penalty on Michael Ballack, it’s the 98th minute and Frank Lampard decides to take it. If Frank scores, Chelsea progresses to the Champions League final. Just think about that moment for a second, he just lost his mother 5 days ago, and decides to take a penalty kick that will decide if his team goes to the final of the most important soccer tournament in Europe. Going back to that moment… Frank walks towards the ball and…

As I said before, one of the most moving moments I’ve witnessed in a soccer game, Frank’s goal as a tribute to his mom.


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