Draft Kings La Liga: Week 13 Sunday

After Thanksgiving, time to go back to soccer. I didn’t have much time with the holidays so this will be the only contest I’ll write about this week. Let’s take a look at the 3 games for Sunday.

Osasuna faces Atletico Madrid at home, difficult game for the Pamplona team against a squad that will look for redemption after losing 0-3 against Real Madrid. Granada visits Celta looking for their first win of the year, it won’t be easy since the Berizzo men are getting sharper as the season goes on. The last game of the day will be maybe the most important one, Barcelona visits Real Sociedad looking for 3 very important points that will allow them to keep up with Real Madrid on the top of the League.

Let’s see what pics can we find for our squad tomorrow:

Ruben: Celta’s keeper has a great chance to keep a clean sheet this weekend against a very weak Granada, Granada’s chances of scoring will be 100% based on Carcela and Pereira.

Oblak: I just don’t see Osasuna scoring.

Rulli: Gamble, 100%. Very risky pick, I include him because Anoeta has never been an easy stadium for Barcelona and Rulli has always had something to say. I expect lots of saves, probably not a clean sheet.

Jordi Alba / Sergi Roberto: The 2 Barcelona wing backs have a good chance to collect points against Real Sociedad. We don’t usually see a lot of goals in games between this 2 teams, and I expect both players to keep pushing looking for crosses and shots.

Atletico’s defense: Any player from Atletico’s defense will be a good pick, best defense in La Liga. Probably the best pick would be Lucas since his price is only 3.3k.

Jonny: I expect Celta to keep a clean sheet this week against Granada. If Roncaglia plays in the right flank with a more defensive profile, Jonny will be the one helping the 3 forwards. If Mallo plays for Roncaglia, he becomes a good pick as well, maybe even over Jonny.

Yuri: This one is gamble. Yuri usually gets awesome scores but this time he’ll have to be watching Messi and helping the center backs taking care of Luis Suarez. Also, Real Sociedad won’t have the ball as much as usual. Any other week Yuri would be a must, this week against Barcelona he’s a risky pick.

Koke / Gameiro / Carrasco / Griezman: Atletico should beat Osasuna tomorrow, the question is: Will Atletico be able to score more than once? For some reason I don’t trust Griezman and Gameiro very much. This could easily end up 0-5 and everybody brings home a big bag of points, but I smell a 0-1 with Atletico trying for 90 minutes and Osasuna 100% focused on defending. It looks like Carrasco could be a sub for this one and Correa could start for him, we’ll have to wait for confirmation. I think Koke is the most solid pick, specially if he plays as a left flank.

Roberto Torres: Same case as Yuri. Usually Roberto would be an excellent pick, but this week I see Osasuna only defending so I don’t expect much from him.

Carlos Vela: Barcelona defense is not what it used to be, I think that if Real Sociedad has a chance this weekend, it will be through the Mexican player. Also he has 50% of the set pieces.

Iago Aspas: Celta’s best forward, and Orellana is out. I expect him to be involved in every single chance. If you can’t afford Aspas you can always go for Sisto or Bongonda.

Messi / Suarez / Neymar: The 3 big guns. If you can include 2 of this players in your team, better than one. Messi and Neymar average 25 points per game each, I obviously don’t expect them to get 25 points against Real Sociedad but I expect them to have lots of chances to score. If you don’t have budget for Messi and Neymar, you can always add Suarez. He won’t give you points if there are no goals, but if Barcelona scores, there is a 80% chance of him being involved.

My team for this week







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