Draft Kings: Premier League week 15

Saturday’s Premier League contest for week 15 might be one of the hardest this season, there are 5 games in it and all of them look very unpredictable. Like every week we’ll do our best to finish in the green zone.

Let’s take a look at the possible picks:

Cech: Arsenal faces Stoke City at home, reasonable chance of clean sheet for Peter but we have to remember that Stoke has players like Shaquiri and Arnautovic… It might be the safest pick this week but 5700$ seems a little too much.

Bravo: Leicester’s performance this year is far away from last season’s, because of that Bravo has to be one of our candidates this week. Nevertheless we also have to keep in mind that it has been really difficult for Man City to keep a clean sheet this season. Bravo’s price is 5400$, too expensive from my point of view.

Zieler: I don’t expect many goals between Leicester and Man City on Saturday, Vardy is struggling this year when it comes to find the net, and Aguero won’t be playing for the citizens. Fernandinho won’t be there for Pep neither, with these 2 players out of the picture Leicester might have a chance to win this game and who knows, maybe keep a clean sheet as well. Zieler’s price is 4000$, a little bit more acceptable than the other 2.

Adam Smith: Attacking defender, constantly sending crosses. At 5100$ Adam is the best defensive pick this week from my point of view. Bournemounth visits Burnley this week but I think they will win this one, the team is picking up momentum after beating Liverpool 4-3 last week.

Monreal: I think Monreal will be heavily involved in attack this week, helping Alexis, Ozil, Walcott, etc… I don’t expect him to send many crosses though, since Giroud will be most likely sitting on the bench. Monreal’s price is 5300$

Van Anholt: Attacking defender, same case as Adam Smith and similar game as well. Sunderland will visit Swansea, last in the Premier League right now, looking for another win after beating Leicester last weekend. Van Anholt’s price this week is 5500$.

Elmohamady/Lowton/Naughton: These 3 players are the best low cost picks for our defense. I wouldn’t consider them a gamble since the 3 of them are attacking defenders and they will be playing in similar scenarios, but they are slightly below Anholt, Adam and Monreal.

Robert Snodgrass: Top pick. We all now Robert, he’ll guarantee you at least 10 points/game, and if he explodes during the game… who knows… he might give you 40 points. Playing Crystal Palace at home, it should be a tight game and both teams will have countless chances to score.

Gylfi Sigurdsson: Top pick. If Swansea have a chance to stay in the Premier League this season it’s because of him.

Gundogan: Without Aguero everybody will be a little bit more involved in attack, Ilkay is scoring and assisting this season and at 5300$ I consider him a must for Saturday. I expect him to play right behind the forward, always around the danger zone.

Zaha/Townsend/Puncheon/Benteke: Hull City’s defense is one of the worst in the Premier League right now, after beating Southampton 3-0 I’m 100% sure that these 4 men will have many chances to score on Saturday. My 2 favorites are Zaha and Benteke, but Townsend and Puncheon will also be heavily involved in attack.

KDB: The Bruyne will be City’s main weapon on Saturday, not the best scenario for him though. Aguero won’t be there to dance with him and I feel like it’s going to be difficult for City to score against Leicester at their stadium. I do expect him to get 10 points at the very least 10 points.

Mahrez: I know, he’ll be facing Man City, but that’s exactly why I think he might be a good pick for Saturday. Man City’s defense is struggling to keep a clean sheet this season, I honesty think Leicester will score and Mahrez will be involved. If he doesn’t score/assist he’ll still give you around 10-15 points.

Alexis/ Walcott/ Ozil: If you can ho with Alexis, do it, who knows he he’ll do it again! If you can’t, Walcott and Ozil are also good options. I expect Arsenal to have the ball most of the time and constantly try to penetrate Stoke’s  wall.

My team






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