Draft Kings: Premier League week 17

Here we are again, ready to jump into the Premier League contest for week 17 and hopefully we’ll get something positive from this one. After week 16 on Tuesday and Wednesday I expect coaches to rotate some of their players, which will make our task a little bit more difficult. It will be crucial to pay attention at the lineups when those come up an hour before the 9am games, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, just find 5 minutes to take a look and make sure all your players will be on the field. Let’s take a look at the week 17:

Grant: Stoke will play Leicester at home, what Leicester? We don’t know yet. If they play against the same team Man City played I don’t expect Stoke to keep a clean sheet. But if they play against the same team that visited Bournemouth, Grant becomes a great pick for wee 17.

Pickford: Watford is not the most attack oriented team in the Premier League, let’s put it this way. I see how Sunderland is picking up momentum and after seeing how they played against Chelsea, I expect a very solid defense and a dangerous team upfront on Saturday.

De Gea: One of the safest picks, visiting West Brom is never easy but it’s very difficult to score against Mourinho’s teams. I expect a clean sheet for David this weekend and a game with less than 2 goals.

Adrian: West ham receives the visit of Hull City at home. It would be fare to say that West Ham is one of the worse teams in the Premier League when it comes to keeping a clean sheet. Nevertheless, I see West Ham picking up some momentum after their last win on Wednesday, I expect Adrian to keep Snodgrass and friends away from his goal.

Creswell: It’s true that Creswell hasn’t exploded yet after coming back from his injury, but step by step we see how his average Draft Kings score is going up. I expect him to do well this weekend playing against a weakened Hull City and using the 3-4-3 system again.

Fabio: With Friend still sidelined Fabio will be again that attacking left back that in Middlesbrough they so much need right now. I’m not 100% sure about the clean sheet but I expect him to make several crosses and push a lot to put Fabianski in Trouble.

Van Anholt: Expensive, but one of the best defenders in Draft Kings. Always attacking and looking for chances to score/assist. If you can afford it, I would definitely go for it.

Holebas: Sames case as Van Anholt + set piece taker. Holebas will be 200$ cheaper so if you can’t afford VA, the Greek would be a great backup option.

Valencia: It looks like he’ll be back on Saturday against West Brom. Good chance for a clean sheet + a good base of attacking points. Mourinho love’s Valencia’s performance so if he’s fit I’m sure he’ll start.

Payet: Must, top pick.

Sigurdsson: Must, top pick.

Snodgrass: “Must” and I say “” because out of the 3 he’s the less reliable one, and if you put the 3 in your team it will be difficult for you to have a balanced squad since 80% of your budget will be in these 3 players. This doesn’t mean he’ll do worse than the other 2, but if had to drop one I would drop him.

Brunt: Averages 9.9, his price is only 4.9k and will be involved in at least 50% of the set pieces. The only problem is that he’ll be playing against Manchester United, but that’s also why his price is so low for Saturday.

Phillips: If brunt finally plays as a left back Phillips can be a better option since he’ll have the other half of the set pieces for him. He’s a little bit pricier though.

Amrabat: The Moroccan player is one of the most dangerous assets for Watford right now, he’ll be the main gun trying to reach for Pickford’s goal. Keep in mind that Sunderland’s defense is one of the worse in the League, also, Van Anholt will be the one defending Amrabat and I’m sure he’ll be more focused on attacking than defending.

Shaquiri / Mahrez: They’ll be facing each other on Saturday, I don’t expect a game with too many goals at the Britannia Stadium, that’s why I don’t like neither of these 2 picks too much. But still, 2 magnificent players involved in the set pieces for their teams.

Anichebe / Defoe: If Sunderland scores, the goals will come from one of these two players, or from both. Defoe’s points are basically from scoring, Anichebe will give you that extra point base that if he doesn’t score will still make him a profitable pick, and if he does it will send him through the roof.

Carroll: Andy is back, 6 goal chances on his last match and this Saturday will be facing one of the worse defenses in the Premier League. Playing in a system that fits him perfectly, the 3-4-3, since he’ll have players like Payet, Creswell or Antonio constantly sending him precise crosses to his head. I expect Carroll to score on Saturday.

Ibrahimovic: Top pick when it comes to forwards. What I don’t like is that his points come only from scoring, 0 point base, and Manchester United doesn’t score too many goals per game.

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