Draft Kings Premier League: Boxing Day

The Boxing day is almost here, one of the most exciting days of the year for all children… and adults. We’ll have an English soccer marathon starting on Monday and it will go all the way until next Sunday. The biggest contest will be on Monday and it will include 7 games, one of the most difficult contests of the year.

Let’s take a look at the options:

De Gea: Playing against Sunderland at home, it should be a clean sheet for the red devils. Mou’s team has one of the strongest defenses in the Premier League, they should be able to keep Anichebe and Defoe away.

Courtois: Facing Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge, I see a clean sheet for Chelsea as well. The blues are unstoppable right now, the most difficult team to score against, and Bournemouth is not one of the most dangerous teams in the Premier League…

Cech: Arsenal receives West Brom at home on Monday, I would say 80% chance clean sheet for Peter Cech. I’m only concerned about West Brom’s set pieces, with Brunt and Phillips behind the ball you never know what can happen.

Bravo: I include Bravo because at some point Manchester City will keep a clean sheet, they have a good chance this weekend visiting Hull City. But sill, if you ask me, I wouldn’t pick him.

Gamble goalie: I see any of the other options as a gamble, some better than others but still, not reliable at all.

Alonso: With Chelsea playing with the 3-4-3 system Marcos Alonso might be the best defense pick of the moment.

Valencia: Playing at Old Trafford against Sunderland, we know Antonio Valencia will be constantly challenging Patrick Van Anholt trying to assist Ibra in the area.

Bellerin: Perfect game for the Catalan player to show his attacking skills again. He’ll put West Brom’s defense in a lot of trouble combining with Walcott on that right flank.

Seamus Coleman: Leicester most likely will have the rookie Ben Chilwell playing as a left back since Fuchs will be out on Monday. I’m sure Coleman and Lennon will be trying to take advantage of that. Also, with Vardy out of the picture, Coleman’s chances of a clean sheet increase.

Ben Chilwell: Rookie player but still a left back for only 3000$, playing at home and facing Everton he should have plenty of work and a lot of chances to add points to his scorecard. I assume he won’t get a clean sheet.

Ward: Burnely will receive Middlesbrough at home, both teams struggle when it comes to create chances and score. I shoot for a 0-0 in this game, and I expect Ward to be deeply involved in both, defense and offense.

De Bruyne / Sigurdsson / Hazard / Payet / Alexis Sanchez: Top Draft kings picks for Monday. Out of these 5 players you might be able to pick 2 or 3, depending on how balanced you want your team. Any of these 5 players could destroy the scorecard on Monday, go with your hunch.

Yaya Toure: Only 5k for the Ivory Coast giant. Playing against Hull City I expect him to play  in the whole right behind the forward, if that’s finally the case don’t doubt it, put him in.

Chris Brunt: For those who need cheap midfielders to be able to include 3 of the big guns in your team, Brunt can be a great pick. Only 4.8k and he’ll be involved in almost every set piece situation. The only problem is that he’ll be playing at the Emirates Stadium…

Fabregas: With Kante out Cesc will most likely be playing alongside Matic in the midfield. Only 6k for the Catalan architect that will also be involved in some of the set pieces.

Mahrez: Leicester’s soul, with Vardy out for Monday Mahrez will be the main threat for Everton’s defense.

Sterling: Manchester City is back, the team is starting to play like the manager wants. I expect the citizens to control the ball, more than 60% of the possession, this will allow them to create many chances. I expect Sterling to be involved in those, constantly combining with Silva and KDB.

Silva: Same thing goes for David.

Snodgrass: The Scottish magician will be all set to face Man City at home. Usually he would be one of my top picks but Hull City will barely have the ball on Monday, so it will be harder than usual for Snodgrass to earn the points.

Walcott: Always dangerous next to Alexis and a little bit cheaper than the Chilean player. At some point West Brom might lose the control of the game and if Arsenal starts having chances, Theo will be involved.

Ibrahimovic: He’s in great shape, we’ve seen it in the last couple games. A home game against Sunderland looks like the perfect scenario for Zlatan to keep scoring.

Pedro: Playing against Bournemouth at home, Pedro should have a couple chances to score or assist to one of his teammates at least. We’ll have to wait to see the lineup though, there’s a chance Willian will play for him.

My Team for Monday






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