Football unites

We are going through a period of time with a lot of tension between different backgrounds in society, this article is to remind everybody that even if there things that can make us think that we are on different sides, there are other things that keep us together, and football (Soccer) is one of those things.

Today I use the word football because I’m talking to everybody, and as you know soccer is known as football worldwide. Being from a different country, believing in one religion or another, having darker or lighter skin color… Sadly nowadays these are things that, because of the events that have been taking place in the last couple years, are starting to divide people, and even worse, make people hate each other because of it. Well, I believe that through football we can put all that aside, leave our differences behind and realize that in the end we’re all human and should be able to live together. With this I’m no trying to send a message like ”No borders, peace and love”, I acknowledge there’s bad people, and there might be cases when the background, religion, etc… can influence this kind of behavior, but it will never be the reason why. We can’t assume somebody is good or bad because of a nationality, religion or skin color.

Before I said that I believe that football brings people together, I don’t believe it, I know it, I’ve seen it. You can see it on TV when you watch the best teams in the world play, in one same team you can find more than 10 nationalities, more than 3 religions, more than 2 skin colors. Why is that? Because they already know, and we know, that football and team sport in general is a great tool to bring people together and put differences aside. With this, you can fight racism, you can educate kids that were taught that people can be bad if they look one way or another. Education is school, education is parents, but also sport and specially football.

Through football I’ve seen Muslims, Jews, and Christians hug and laugh together, I’ve seen people with all skin colors fighting together with one same goal. This is not something you can teach with books, kids need to see it, they need to experience it.

I like to think that it’s the love for the sport what helps us put everything aside for 90 beautiful minutes, while we learn that the point is not to prove wrong, defeat, hate, or kill people that’s different than you, the point is to understand, help and respect. I like to win, and I would like to see us win this game sometime in the future, but anger is not the path.

I would like to finish with a video that many of you might have seen already. I personally like a lot, because even if the message is the same, you can see many different points of view in it.

We say no to racism.



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