Draft Kings Premier League: Week 19

We didn’t have much luck in the Boxing Day contest but here we are again, trying to bring the big prize home. This weeks contest also contains 8 games, what makes it very difficult when it comes to pick the players for our squad. This week I’ll try to balance the team  little bit more so this way our success doesn’t depend only on 2 or 3 players.

Let’s start with the picks for Week 19:

De Gea: Man U will face Middlesbrough at home, it looks like an easy clean sheet for De Gea since, as we all know, Middlesbrough has a lot of problems when it comes to scoring goals.

Tom Heaton: I won’t say it will be an easy clean sheet for Heaton, but playing Sunderland at home is not a bad scenario. Burnley should win this game, I would also be happy with a 0-0.

Courtois: The Conte boys will receive Stoke City at Stamford Bridge. I mean, if we take a look at how many clean sheets Chelsea already has this year Courtois looks like the most obvious pick, but also the most expensive one.

Blind / Valencia: The 2 Man U flanks are a good option for this week, Valencia a little more expensive than Blind. Both players average the same points / game this season so far.

Soares / Bertrand: Southampton will play West Brom at home, what makes Soares and Bertrand 2 very decent options on defense for this week. West Brom attackers are in good shape this year and that’s why I’m not too confident about the clean sheet for Southampton defenders. Nevertheless, I expect both flanks to attack a lot and send crosses looking for Jay Rodriguez.

Alonso: Chelsea playing a home, using a 3-4-3 system and Alonso playing in the left flank. Nothing else to say. The only thing is, 6k for a defender can be a little bit too much.

Daniels: Bournemouth will face Swansea away, an away game is never the best scenario for a defender, but as we all know Swansea is struggling right now and I expect Bournemouth to have the ball and give Daniels many chances to attack Swansea’s right flank.

Eden Hazard: Best Draft Kings Premier League player. There’s a slight chance that he’ll be rested thinking about the Spurs game. Top pick.

Payet: Playing Leicester away might not be the best scenario for him but we all know Dimitri… Top pick.

Mahrez: West Ham’s defense is not in a good moment right now, I expect Mahrez to have many chances to score or assist his weekend. Leicester needs the win after losing 0-2 against Everton on week 18.

Pogba: Not a Pogba’s fan in general but I have to admit that his perseverance in the last couple games is giving him points, enough points for me to start thinking about including him in my team. Man U will be playing Middlesbrough at home.

Siggy: Swansea receives Bournemouth this weekend. I think nothing will change for Sigurdsson with the new manager. Top pick.

Ward – Prowse: We’ll have to wait and see if he finally plays, but if he does WP will become a great pick for the midfield. He’ll be involved in all the set pieces against West Brom, and only for 5.1k.

Ibrahimovic: Another great chance for the Swedish giant to shine in front of his crowd. I expect Man U to dominate the game since minute 1, Pogba and Ibra will be constantly looking for chances to score.

Aguero: He’s back. Anfield might not be the best scenario to come back from a 4 game ban, but at this point it’s always a risk not to include Kun Aguero.

Lukaku: Last week he scored again after a couple games without finding the net. Hull City’s defense is one of the worst in the Premier League and Everton needs this win to keep up with the teams on top.

Llorente: Llorente will play as solo striker against Bournemouth, I’m sure Siggy will be targeting him with all his crosses. For 6.4k the Spaniard can be one of the surprises tomorrow.

To be able to have a competitive team we always have to look for cheap backup options. Look for players with a good point average at a low price and with a favorable match this weekend. Favorable doesn’t always mean easy, for example, when a defender faces one of the top teams, it might actually not be that bad. He most likely won’t have a clean sheet ok, but he’ll get plenty of defensive points and in the end that small investment will become profitable.

My team for Week 19 is:














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