Draft Kings La Liga: Week 17

La Liga is back! We missed our Spanish contests during the holidays. This week we’ll start with the Saturday contest that includes 4 different games. We have Real Madrid in the contest, this will polarize all teams almost for sure, except for those brave/naïve individuals that choose no to have any Madrid players in their squad.

Let’s take a look at the picks for La Liga week 17:

Javi Varas: Las Palmas will receive Sporting Gijon at home, team currently ranked in the relegation zone. Sporting’s offense is one of the worst in the league and Las Palmas is a very good team when it comes to holding the ball. Varas prize (5.300$) is high but definitely worth it for this week.

Rulli/Rico: Real Sociedad will face Sevilla at Anoeta. Good game to watch since Real Sociedad is only 4 points away from Sevilla, currently 3rd in La Liga. I expect many goal chances from both sides, what will keep the goalies involved during the 30 min. Difficult to predict who’ll win or will have a clean sheet, but for sure many saves from both sides.

Moya: Moya is more pricy (5.500$) but we’re talking about Atletico’s goalie, one of the goalies with more clean sheets in Europe. In my opinion 5.500$ is too much but if you can afford it…

Marcelo/Danilo: Real Madrid will play Granada at home, this could really be a party for Los blancos if they want to. I expect Danilo and Marcelo to play almost as forwards when Madrid has the ball, also very good chance for a clean sheet.

Yuri: Yuri is a Draft Kings classic, left flank constantly involved in attack, plenty of crosses and a couple shots every game. This weekend Real Sociedad receives Sevilla at home, so probably not the best scenario for Yuri but he still a player to watch for Saturday. His price this week is 5.500$.

Escudero: Similar case than Yuri’s, Escudero is usually a great pick but his last couple games weren’t very exciting. Also, he’ll have a difficult game against Real Sociedad. His price this week is 5k.

Douglas: Probably playing against Las Palmas away is not the best scenario for Douglas but the Brazilian is on fire. On week 16 he made 15 crosses playing against Villarreal, what brought him to double digits. I expect him to be involved in attacking plays and set pieces this weekend. His price is 4.800$.

Koke: Atletico will play away against Eibar, difficult stadium. With all the injuries in Atletico Koke will play as a left wing, he’ll also be involved in all the set pieces for Atletico what makes him a pretty safe pick for this week.

Pedro Leon: The only reason I have doubts about Pedro Leon’s performance is because Eibar faces Atletico. Otherwise he would be in my team without even thinking about it. It’s still a huge risk picking Pedro Leon this week.

Viera: I expect Viera to play in the whole on Saturday against Sporting, attacking midfielder involved in set pieces and playing against one of the worst teams at home. It looks like a safe bet. Also his price is not too high 7.300$.

Ronaldo/Benzema/James Rodriguez: I expect Madrid to run Granada over, so any of the 3 Madrid forwards will be a good pick. Of course Ronaldo should be a must, and if then you can fit one or 2 more even better. The only concern I have is Benzema, he’ll play around 60 min, I’m sure Zidane will put Morata and Mariano in at some point.

Vela: Carlos Vela is one of those players that always gives you a good point base. Main player for Real Sociedad and involved in 50% of the set pieces. As we said before with his teammates, playing Sevilla is never the best scenario but he’ll still be a player to watch. His price is 8.000$.

My team:







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