Draft Kings Premier League: Week 21

Hello again! Week 21 is already here and we are warming up our engines to see if we can walk home with something big on Saturday. The Premier League contest will include 7 games as usual, with 2 of the candidates to win the title, Chelsea and Arsenal. This weekend I’m also considering a Head to Head besides the usual tournament, both with the same team. With the Head to Head games you won’t be shooting for big prizes like in the tournaments, but it’s easier to bring something home since you’re only competing against one team.

Now, let’s take a look at our picks for Saturday. In some positions there are plenty of picks that would be good for our team, and a lot of those are pretty obvious. Today I’ll try to narrow it a little bit more and highlight those picks that can give us a good amount of points at a lower cost:

Fraser Foster 5.3k : Foster will face Burney’s forwards away from his stadium, I expect Southampton’s defense to keep Gray away this Saturday. Good chance of clean sheet and winning the game for Foster.

Tom Heaton: 4.4k : Affordable and good score average. It will be difficult for Burnley to stop Southampton on Saturday, even if right now The Saints are not in their best moment, but I’m sure he’ll make a lot of saves. If you want to shoot for a cheap goalie with a chance of getting double digits a would choose Heaton.

Gomes 5.1k / Valdes 4.6k: This game smells like 0-0, both teams struggle when it comes to scoring goals and they are not in their best moment. Boro has lost the last 3 games and Watford hasn’t seen the 3 points in any of the past 5 games.

Alonso 5.9k: One of the best defenders in Draft Kings below the 6k mark on Saturday, if you can afford it, go for it.

Daniels 5.2k: Daniels has a good game on Saturday against Hull City, I expect Bournemouth to have more the ball what will give Daniels the chance to go up and get all those attacking points.

Bertrand 5.1k: Betrand is picking up momentum and I’m sure he’ll be an important piece of the puzzle this Saturday. As I said with Foster I expect Southampton to win this game and to have the ball.

Kabasele 2.9k / Holebas 5.4k : Potencial 0-0 against Boro and good chance for the 2 flanks to get plenty of attacking points + a possible clean sheet. I expect Holebas to be more involved in attack than Kabasele, but as you can see the Belgian left flank is one of the low cost picks of the weekend.

Van Anholt 4.9k: Very low price for Van Anholt, it’s true that his last performances have been a little bit disappointing, but playing at home will help him gain that confidence he’s missing right now.

Stanislas 6.4k: I was actually surprised by Stanislas low price for this Saturday. I expect Bournemouth to have the ball more than Hull City, and with Junior involved in all the set pieces he should be in double digits this week.

Townsend 7.1k: With Zaha out of the picture, Townsend will be more involved in every attacking play, Crystal Palace will need him. Whest Ham’s defense is not one of the best in the Premier League, I expect Crystal Palace to score one or 2 goals on Saturday.

Ozil 8.9k: Everybody will be putting the money on Alexis, if you think it’s not worth it to pay the 10.3k for the Chilean player you could put Mesut in, he’ll be involved in every set piece for Arsenal.

Redmond 6.2k: Redmond is back and will play as a left forward against Burnley. He fires a shot every time he has a chance, a very active player in general, he could easily be in the double digits this week.

Gray 6k: The scenario may no be the best but I felt I had to add Gray since he was named player of the month in December. He got 42 points in his last game at home.

Defoe 7k: Always dangerous, he comes from scoring 2 goals against Liverpool, this Saturday he’ll play at home again. With Anichebe playing the Africa Cup, he’ll be the main gun for Sunderland. He’ll be constantly targeted by his teammates.

Giroud 8k: Everybody is talking about him now, not only because the amazing scorpion goal he scored against Crystal Palace, also because lately every time he comes in he either scores or assists. I expect him to have plenty of chances this weekend against Swansea.

As I said before today I tried to narrow the picks to make it more useful for you guys, I don’t think it’s helpful to fill the page with names that we already know and perform well every week (Hazard, Alexis, Payet, etc…). That’s why from now on I’ll go over some interesting picks that can be useful for our teams first, and after that I’ll create a list with all those players that we already know they should be in our team.

These are the top picks for this weekend, we should at least have 2 of these players in our team:

[Courtois, Cech, Sigurdsson, Snodgrass, Antonio, Payet, Costa, Hazard]

I’ll tweet my team on Friday, stay tuned!









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