Draft Kings La Liga: Week 18

Hello again guys, after BPL Saturday we are going to focus now on La Liga Sunday. We have 4 games for tomorrow including the Sevilla vs Real Madrid, probably the most interesting game of the weekend. As we know, the fact of having Real Madrid or F.C. Barcelona in one of the games will affect directly our DK team. In this case, for example, I think it would be extremely risky to not pick Cristiano Ronaldo, and this means we are already taking 12.4k out of our budget. As I said in the Premier League post, I’ll try to exclude those picks that are more obvious and focus on those that can really help to balance our team at a low cost.

Let’s take a look at the picks for Sunday:

Mario Fernandez 4.2k: One of the goalies with a worse score average in La Liga I know, but if there’s a chance to get a clean sheet for Mario it is on Sunday against Granada. We’re still waiting for confirmation but it looks like Mario will start since Nauzet’s shoulder is not getting better.

Cuellar 4.9k: Playing at home against Eibar, also a good chance to get a clean sheet. Pichu is a little bit more pricy but he comes from a great performance against Celta, we’re talking about one of those goalies that always makes a good amount of saves.

Sergio Rico 4.3k: If you want to take the risk, Sergio will for sure get a lot of shots from Madrid’s forwards and I’m sure he’ll make plenty of saves. The problem is how many he won’t be able to save? It will also be difficult for him to get those extra points from the win.

Douglas 5.3k: His price is starting to go up as we can see, I think it’s still worth it to pay the 5.3 for him this weekend against Eibar at home, maybe even more with the new 3-4-3 system.

Clerc 4.6k: You might think I’m crazy by suggesting Osasuna’s goalie + defender… I insist, Osasuna has a good chance of clean sheet this weekend, and if not, at least they’ll get plenty of defensive points since Granada we’ll keep attacking looking for the 3 points at home. Also, with the 3-4-3 system Clerc will be able to make a couple crosses and be involved in attacking plays.

Unai Garcia 2.7k: With Cr in your team you’ll need at least one player at a very low cost, Unai is your man. He’ll play 90 min and will face the Granada forwards that, let’s be honest, are not the most dangerous players in La Liga. I know, this is my 3rd Osasuna defensive player, no more I promise.

Pereira 6.8k: Every time I watch Granada play he’s the one that keeps trying no matter what, taking chances with shots, crosses and constantly dribbling. If Granada can control the possession Pereira will become a very dangerous player and at the same time very profitable for us.

Bongonda 5.5k: Double digits in his 2 last games and at a below 6 prize. He also has a good scenario on Sunday, playing at home against Alaves should give him the chance to make plenty of crosses and who knows, maybe even score. I don’t think he’ll play the 90 min but he’s very active on the field, he’ll be involved.

L. Vazquez 6.9k: If he plays, definitely worth it to pay his prize. Almost every single time Lucas plays for more than 60 min he gets to double digits. The game against Sevilla will be a back and forth, a good chance for Lucas to get an Assist or even a goal on Sunday.

Wass 7.1k: I have to admit it, his last game was very disappointing, and without that goal his final score would have been terrible. He’s supposed to play on the right flank on Sunday, a better chance for him to send crosses in the area and get involved in attacking plays. I won’t put him in my team, but I wouldn’t see giving him another chance as a mistake.

Roberto Torres 7.5k: His average score went up after that crazy game against Valencia, he scored over 20 points last week. But if you take a look at his last couple games before that, the picture doesn’t look that good. I still think he can be a decisive pick this weekend though, involved in every single set piece and with Granada more focused on attacking than defending, who knows…

Ibai 5.8k: I include Ibai only because he’s involved in every single set piece for Alaves and his price for tomorrow is only 5.8k. The scenario is clearly not the best for him since it will be Celta controlling the possession most of the time. If you are looking for a cheap midfielder/forward that can give you at least 5 points, Ibai could be an option. But don’t expect big things from him this weekend.

Now here’s a list with all the players you can choose from to build a solid base for your team, you’ll probably be able to afford only 2 or 3:

Ronaldo, Benzema, Aspas, Pedro Leon, Douglas, Marcelo, Escudero and Toni Kroos.

Tomorrow before the first game I’ll tweet my team, stay tuned!



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