What’s going on with Payet and Diego Costa?

It’s true that unexpected things happen in soccer an a good example is the current situation of two of the best Premier league players this season, Diego Costa and Payet. It looks like all of a sudden neither of the two players wants to stay in their current teams, why? This is what we’re trying to figure out.

Diego Costa already had a couple fights with his coach Antonio Conte a couple months ago, before Chelsea started to win game after game after game… We already know the Spaniard right? strong personality, just like his coach. But once things started working out for Chelsea, their relationship got better and it seemed that they were getting along again, until last week. After another heated exchange with Diego Costa, Antonio Conte decided to remove him from the squad without the intention of bringing him back until his attitude changes. This happened right when the rumors about Diego Costa leaving to the Chinese Super league are starting to be trending topic again. It looks like sources like The Guardian already assume the Diego will fly to China next summer, possibly to join the Tianjin Quanjian’s squad. But the question right now is, will he play for Chelsea again this season? Right now it seems like he won’t, for the next couple weeks at least.

Something a little bit different happened with Dimitri Payet. The Frenchman decided this last week that he doesn’t want to play for West Ham anymore, it looks like apparently Payet doesn’t trust Bilic on command of the squad and wants to quit immediately. Bilic’s reaction was to say that West Ham won’t be selling Payet anytime soon, at least during this winter transfer window. But the thing is, what are you going to do with a player that doesn’t trust you, doesn’t want to work with you, and doesn’t believe in the team anymore? I wouldn’t spend more money on him if a team makes an offer right now. For the moment West Ham keeps rejecting transfer bids for the French star since they want an amount close to 45M $, and asked Payet to apologize to the club and fans if he wants to see a turn on his situation.


We’ve seem many different opinions about these two cases during the last couple days, some think the two players should be more committed with their clubs, and others think the clubs should give more freedom to the players to be able to decide their future. If you ask me, I think that the smartest thing to do is to sit down and negotiate the best way, for both sides, to end the relationship between club and player.


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