Draft Kings Premier League: Week 22

Hello guys, we’re back in business as we get closer to Saturday’s Premier League games. We have 6 games for Saturday’s contest, including the Manchester City vs Tottenham game at 11:30. A lot of expensive players that we all want to have in out teams, but unfortunately it won’t be possible, we’ll have to choose well. As always, trying to narrow the options as much as possible, nevertheless, this Saturday it will be specially difficult since we have many players that could potentially get a good score.

Let’s take a look at the picks for Saturday’s contest:

Hugo Lloris 4.2k: I think we’ll only see Lloris this cheap a few times this season. It’s never easy to play against Man City away,  but as we all know Tottenham right now is stronger than the citizens. I expect Manchester City to create many chances but without getting too close, what will give the chance to Lloris to make a lot of saves. I also expect the Spurs to win this game.

Grant 3.8k: Stoke will play at home against Manchester United, this is a risky move since right now the Mourinho boys are in great shape and haven’t lost in 16 games. I still think Grant can be a profitable pick though, 3.8k is a very good price for a goalie of this level. Also let’s not forget how difficult is to beat Stoke at the Britannia Stadium, I expect him to make plenty of saves but I wouldn’t count on the clean sheet and win points.

Randolph 4.5k: West Ham will play away against Middlesbrough, if the Londoners play like they did last week Randolph will probably be in double digits on Saturday. I expect West Ham to win this game, the Boro has scored only one goal in their last 5 games.

Walker 4.8k: Similar case than Lloris, Walker’s price is lower this week since facing Manchester City away is supposed to be a difficult game. I honestly think the Spurs will win this game taking advantage of the citizens bad moment. Walker also has a good chance to get a clean sheet on Saturday, Manchester City usually creates a lot of chances but lately they’ve been struggling when it comes to scoring.

Fabio 4.9k: Middlesbrough switched to the 3-4-3 system last week, they already were one of the most defensives teams but now maybe even more. The Boro will play at home against a West Ham without Payet, even after their result last week I still think the Londoners will miss the Frenchman. Good chance for Flavio to get a clean sheet, I’m sure he’ll also make plenty of crosses this week playing in that right flank.

Daniels 5.1k: Bournemouth will face Watford at home, a very good chance to get the 3 points since the Hornets are currently in a bad moment. I expect Bournemouth to be on control of the possession so I’m sure Daniels will be involved in many attacking plays. There’s also a good chance for Bournemouth to get a clean sheet.

Stanislas 6.7k: Stanislas is in great shape, he scored double digits in his last three performances. The home game against Watford is a good scenario for him to keep going with the double digit streak. The only thing I don’t like is that he always plays around 60 minutes, missing the last 30 min of a game, when a lot of things can happen,  is never a good thing. But still, for 6.7k Junior is a good pick for Saturday.

Phillips 6.7k: Another very good midfielder below the 7k mark. When Matt doesn’t play against one of the top 5 teams he’s usually in double digits, on Saturday he’ll play against Sunderland at home… Once more involved in all the set pieces and more than probably he’ll play the 90 min again.

Feghouli 5k: Yes 5k, I’m not kidding. I’m not saying he’s Messi or Cristiano but a West Ham forward at this price and involved in set pieces is definitely a good pick. His profile is similar to Payet’s, but of course not at the same level. From what I see Bilic is trying to use Feghouli as Payet’s substitute until they bring another player.

Antonio 7.5k: With Payet out I expected Antonio to play as a forward but it wasn’t the case, luckily he assisted three times last week anyway. It looks like he’ll play in the left flank again on Saturday, he’ll be farther from the goal which penalizes him when it comes to scoring and assisting but I think he’ll manage to end in double digits again.

Brunt 5.1k: A perfect emergency pick, if you need a cheap midfielder Brunt will do the job. He’ll play as a left back again but between the defensive and attacking points he’ll be close or even in double digits.

Eriksen 9.1k: Usually I don’t include Eriksen since he’s a pretty obvious pick but I think this Saturday less people will put him in their team. As I said before with Lloris and Walker, playing at the Etihad is never a good scenario, but I think the Spurs can beat Manchester City by a couple goals this weekend.

Kevin Mirallas 6k: Very low price for a player like Mirallas, forward involved in set pieces. The game might not be the best since they are playing away, but I don’t see Crystal Palace as a tough opponent right now, I think Everton will score a couple on Saturday and hopefully Kevin will be involved.

Harry Kane 9k: Same thing with Harry Kane, his price is down a bit this weekend since they play against Man City away, good chance to score again.

Defoe 7.1k: Playing away I expected his price to be a little bit lower but it’s still ok. He is the man right now for Sunderland, if something happens in attack it will be because of him.

Here are some other picks that are maybe more obvious and don’t need much explanation:

De Bruyne, Ibrahimovic, Aguero, Lukaku, Sterling and David Silva.

I’ll tweet my team before the games start on Saturday, stay tuned!



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