Draft Kings La Liga: Week 19

It’s Sunday again and as usual we’re going to spend it watching La Liga. We have four games in tomorrows contest, including the Eibar vs FC Barcelona, a game that for sure will play an important role in everybody’s lineup for tomorrow. I’ve been looking at the players and I only saw a couple safe picks, excluding of course players like Messi, Neymar and Suarez. Since we have the Copa del Rey during the week and teams like Celta or Real Sociedad will rotate players, some of the picks that would be interesting without the rotation alert become a little bit risky because of it. Let’s take a look at the picks for tomorrow:

Adan 5.6k: I you want to go expensive choose the ”betico”. With Sporting Gijon in a terrible moment I’m sure Betis will get the 3 points, plus it’s also a good chance for a clean sheet.

Rulli 5.2k: A more affordable option but in this case it’s not that safe. Real Sociedad are the favorites to win tomorrow but it will be a tight game also affected by the Copa del Rey rotations.

Iraizoz 4.4k: More risky, Athletic will face Atletico at home, anything could happen in this game but I trust the San Mames effect. Also if you want to fit more than one Barcelona forward in your team you’ll need cheap picks.

Yuri 5.3k: We know Yuri, always attacking and he crosses multiple times every game. The only concern I have with him is that he might be affected by the rotations and I can’t afford putting him in if he won’t play the 90 min. If he does, definitely a good pick.

Durmisi 5k: I expect Durmisi to push forward tomorrow, Betis will smell the blood very soon and they’ll try to score early. Also with Joaquin out of the picture Durmisi will join the set piece club with corners and indirect free kicks.

Antonio Luna 4.5k: Usually much more expensive but of course, playing against Barcelona is a different story. I think Luna can get a good amount of defensive points tomorrow, also playing at home it a small field will help.

Mauro 2.7k / Bruno 3.1k: This are the 2 cheap picks I’ll use tomorrow to be able to fit Neymar and Messi in my lineup. I expect Mauro to deal with plenty of defensive situations and hopefully he’ll scratch a couple points from that. Bruno has an easier game at home against Sporting, I’m shooting for the clean sheet here.

Ceballos 4.9k: This looks like a great pick right when we need affordable players with a good performance. Without Joaquin in the team Ceballos will be taking some corner kicks and indirect free kicks, I’m sure he’ll also have a couple chances to score or assist Ruben Castro.

Juanmi 5.3k: The rotations might give Juanmi a chance, very affordable forward from Real Sociedad with a home game. Every time Juanmi stars he gets to double digits, most of his points come from faults received and shots on goal.

Willian Jose 6.5k: Low price for the Real Sociedad Striker, again might be affected by the rotations, but if he plays Jose will definitely be a player to watch for tomorrow. My only concern is that he might not play the 90 min.

Here’s a list with the usual suspects of every weekend, any of these players can deliver a good performance tomorrow, this is something you can already see from their average score.

Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Griezman, Pedro Leon, Iago Aspas, Koke, Carrasco, Moya, Filipe Luis, Ruben Castro and Ter Stegen.

I would build my lineup around two or three of this players with some of the picks listed above. I’ll tweet my team before the games start tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates!


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