Draft Kings La Liga: Week 20 (Sat)

Hello soccer addicts, as you can see I’m trying to publish earlier in the week so everybody have more time to build their lineups. It won’t be always possible since I’m busy during the week but I’ll do my best. As you all know we won’t have Premier League this weekend so we’re going to focus in La Liga.

Let’s take a look at the player picks for this Saturday:

Riesgo: Eibar will play at home against Deportivo Coruna, a team that tied the last 3 games and struggles when it comes to scoring goals. I think Eibar has a good chance to get those 3 points at home and maybe even keep a clean sheet.

Sergio: Celta will face Leganes away, the team that has scored less goals in La Liga with a current goal difference of -31. It looks like a win + clean sheet for Sergio on Saturday.

Luna: Eibar’s left back if one of the top performers in La Liga Draft Kings, on Saturday against Deportivo he’ll be constantly overlapped trying to help the forwards as much as possible. I expect plenty of crosses + good defense point base. Good chance to keep a clean sheet as well.

Filipe Luis: We all know Filipe, his price is almost always high but since we don’t have Barcelona or Madrid in this contest we can afford more expensive defenders. Filipe almost always ends in double digits, maybe the safest pick in defense.

Theo Hernandez: The 18th year old is one of the rookies of the season, his performances are unbelievable and he’s just getting started. Solid in defense and not afraid to attack when he has the chance. He didn’t have a good day last week and it’s true that facing Atletico Madrid is not the best scenario to end up in double digits but at this price it’s worth it to give it a try.

Vrsaljko: If you can’t afford Filipe Luis then bring Vrsaljko in, he’s reasonably cheaper than the Brazilian and will also give you a solid amount of defensive points mostly. This being said he’s also good when it comes to attacking, last week for example he crossed more than Luis. I expect both, Luis and Vrsaljko, to end in double digits.

Bongonda: His price is slowly going up since every time he stars ends up in double digit. They are playing away against Leganes, small field which means less space, but I’m sure Celta will have the ball all the time. Celta controlling the possession is the key for Bongonda’s performance. I expect plenty of crosses and fouls drawn, he will have a couple chances to score/assist as well.

Pedro Leon: Must, top pick.

Manu Trigueros: Trigueros has been Villarreal’s top performer in the midfield, we’ve seen a lot of crossing and shooting plus he’s heavily involved in defensive work. He should be in double digits again on Saturday if Castillejo doesn’t start. With Castillejo in the field Trigueros won’t attack that much and will try to keep his position. In that case, we should start Castillejo instead.

Koke: Koke scored last week and brought a good amount of points to all those players who trusted him, but that’s not the usual. Unfortunately he doesn’t push forward too much and stays in the midfield just doing… let’s say midfield work. Luckily he’s involved in set pieces so it’s easy for him to get 7-10 points every game. Alaves is a team that plays like Atletico likes to play, defending and counterattacking, so I expect Atletico to be the ones in control of the possession on Saturday. I expect Koke to score 10-15 points on Saturday since Atletico will have the ball more than usual.

Emre Colak: Proably at a lower price that last week Emre can be a player to watch for Saturday. He’ll be heavily involved in set pieces and is a player who’s fouled often. If at some point I need a cheap midfielder I’ll probably go for him.

Pato/Sansone: Both will have good chances to score on Saturday against Granada’s weak defense, for some reason I think it will be Pato, call it a hunch.

Aspas: He’ll be the target man for Celta, even playing away he can easily be our top performer on Saturday. Usually he’s fouled a lot and makes a couple crosses every game, so if he scores he’ll give you around 20 points instead of just the usual 10.

Griezman/Gamerio: Both very goal dependent, if you can’t afford Griez but you really feel like you should have an Atletico forward go for Gameiro. Griezman will be more targeted and will play the 90 min, almost guaranteed.

All right, I’ve given you 15 names and you’ll have to pick 8 to build your lineup for Saturday. The contests are no up yet so we don’t have the actual prices, stay tuned for more updates since the price changes and rotations can really affect our lineups this weekend.










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