Draft Kings La Liga: Week 20 (Sun)

Hey there! This weekend it’s going to be all about La Liga since all Premier League games have been move to next week. After our player picks for Saturday’s games now it’s time for Sunday’s, we’ll see a completely different lineup structure since Sunday’s contest will include Real Madrid’s and Barcelona’s games. Like every time we have Barcelona or Madrid players available, our lineup will be extremely unbalanced. The key is going to be on the affordable picks and exactly here is where I’ll try to help as much as possible.

Let’s take a look at the player picks for Sunday’s games:

Sergio Rico 5.1k/Diego Lopez 4.4k: I don’t expect any of these two goalies to be too expensive and I’m sure both teams will play a pretty serious game, not interested in losing control. I expect a 0-0, maybe a 1-1. My only concern is Sampaoli trying to play a back and forth game, then my friend anything could happen.

Rulli 3.7k: If you’re looking for a cheap goalie Rulli could be your man. I include him just because Madrid are going through their worst moment of the season and this means Real Sociedad could tie or even win this game. We don’t know that for sure, but we know Rulli will get plenty of saves on Sunday, so if his price is below 4k he might be an option to consider.

Danilo 4.8k: With Marcelo and Carvajal out of the picture he’s the only attacking full back left, I expect him to get plenty of crosses looking for Cristiano and Benzema in the area, probably a couple shots too. Danilo is not famous for his defense work so don’t expect much from there.

Balenziaga 4.9k: He’s crossing a lot lately, it still not one of his strengths but with a forward like Aduriz I guess it’s worth trying. Balenziaga also provides a good amount of defense points every game, I expect him to finish in double digits + possible clean sheet on Sunday.

Escudero 5.1k: His last couple games haven’t been so good but we know Escudero can come back anytime. I expect a defensive Espanyol waiting for Sevilla to make the first move, this will allow Escudero to step forward and start crossing like the good old days. I expect him to score around 7-8 points + possible clean sheet.

Durmisi 4.7k: Durmisi comes from his best Draft Kings game ever probably, nevertheless, on Sunday he’ll be facing Neymar, Messi, Suarez, etc… should we risk the 4.7k? I think we should. He was Betis’s main man last weekend, even more involved than Ruben Castro, I don’t expect him to score 24 points again but I think he’ll end up in double digits again.

Lucas V 7.1k /Isco 6.6k: I’m not sure Madrid will win this game and I expect a lot from Real Sociedad this weekend, but of course, it still is Madrid playing at home so it’s worth it to have at least one or two players. We still don’t know who’ll start but whoever does will be a great pick for Sunday’s lineup. I personally prefer Isco since we would safe 0.5k that can be very useful, I Lucas finally starts we’ll have to find a way to fit him in our team.

Piatti 7.4k: This player can make you laugh and cry, it depends on how he’s feeling on Sunday. I’ve seen him score more than 40 points and less than 5 in one game. Usually he doesn’t perform too well against big teams, almost all his big scores have been against smaller teams. It’s always worth it to try him since he’ll be playing as a forward and is deeply involved in set pieces but again, I don’t think Sevilla is the best scenario for him.

Muniain 6.1k: We won’t have much money since the safest thing to do would be to go with at least two of the big guns in our lineup. That’s when players like Muniain become very useful, his price is actually pretty low for playing at home against Sporting, and his performances are better every week. Last week against Atletico he socred 9 points, mainly from fouls drawn and crosses.

Benat 6.6k: All the set pieces will be for him in a game where I expect plenty of corners and indirect free kicks. I was surprised by Benat’s low price, definitely double digits for him on Sunday.

F. Vazquez 6.4k: Facing Espanyol away won’t be easy, but I expect Sevilla to take control of the ball while the Catalan team defend and wait for their counterattack opportunities. This means plenty of corners and indirect free kicks for Sevilla that Vazquez will take care of. Also he’s a midfielder that likes to get involved in attack and for sure will be close to Ben Yedder and Jovetic to either shoot or assist.

Williams 7.1k / Garcia 7k / Aduriz 8k: Play one or two of these players only if you decide to go with only one big gun on Sunday. Bilbao’s game against Sporting at home is a great chance for Athletics forwards to feast on Gijon’s defense. Aduriz should be your first option since everybody will be targeting him.

The question here is: How many big guns do I put in my team? Ronaldo, Bezema, Messi, Neymar and Suarez. If you put two of this players in your team the rest of your lineup will be less competitive, but if you put only one, you’re risking missing all those points if that one player has a big day.


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