Draft Kings Premier League: Week 23

Back to England! Premier League is back and we’re ready to analyze week 23. We have 8 games on Tuesday, including the Liverpool vs Chelsea at 2pm. Plenty of players to choose from, it won’t be easy to have a balanced team for most of us since the goal is to fit as many top picks as we can. I’ll focus on those players that will help us to have a competitive lineup at a low cost, so then we’re able to afford those 2-3 top picks in out team.

Let’s take a look at the possible picks for Tuesday:

Ben Foster 4.8k: Middlesbrough is one of the worst teams when it comes to scoring, good chance for a clean sheet and to win the game, this would mean 10 extra points for Foster. The only con is Foster not getting to many saves since it’s very hard for the Boro to create chances.

Tom Heaton 4.9k: Burnley will face Leicester at home, the foxes are going through one of their worse moments of the season and Burnley is one of the best teams at home. I expect plenty of saves from Heaton on Tuesday + a good chance for a clean sheet.

Bernardo 3k/Fabio 4.7k: Depending on who plays I recommend these picks for different reasons. I Bernardo plays you get a full back for only 3k and playing at home, his performances aren’t amazing but you’re also only paying 3k. If Fabio plays you can expect plenty of crosses and maybe even a clean sheet, close to double digits.

Monreal 4.9k: Arsenal left back playing at home against Watford and with a below 5k price. I also expect Nacho to be constantly helping the forwards in attack, so we might see a couple crosses/shots from him. Very good chance for a clean sheet.

Bertrand 5.1k: A little pricier for a left back playing away but the Saints will be facing Swansea… I expect plenty of crosses and a couple shots from Bertrand on Tuesday. Good chance for a clean sheet.

Stanislas 7k: Junior will play his usual 70 min on Tuesday against Crystal Palace at home. It will be a good chance for him to score or assist one of his teammates. Crystal Palace is a team in construction right now and struggles a lot when it comes to controlling possession.

Phillips 6.8k: Phillips below the 7k mark? Yep, I’m afraid everybody will draft him for Tuesday. Must.

Brunt 5k: I’m not a big fan of drafting Brunt when he plays as a defender but he’s proved me wrong two weeks in a row now, maybe it’s time to give it a try? Expect plenty of crosses and a couple shots from him. Also he’ll make a couple extra points from defensive work.

Defour 5.4k: Keep an eye on him, double digit playing against Arsenal away and scored + assisted last week in 20 min. His price is below the 6k mark and will be involved in set pieces playing at home against a weakened Leicester City.

Gray 5.6k: Scored in his last two games including the away game against Arsenal. It’s also trued that in the two previous game he didn’t even shoot on goal, but he should have a couple chances to score against Leicester at home. Goal dependent pick.

Adama Traore 5.2k: Whenever he plays 80-90 minutes his score is very close or in double digits, plenty of crosses and couple shots for sure on Tuesday. I would use Adama only if you need a cheap forward with a reasonable point base, don’t expect him to  be a game changer.

Defoe 6.6k: Defoe will face the Spurs defense at home, really low price for the Englishman since he’ll be facing one of the toughest defenses in the league, but hey, let’s not forget we said the same thing when he played against Liverpool and ended up scoring twice.

Let’s take a look now at the top picks list, we won’t be able to afford more than 2-3 players from this list if we want to have a balanced lineup. The best thing to do would be to grab a couple of these picks and combine it with some of the picks above to have a competitive team ready for Tuesday.

Milner/Alonso/Rose/Eriksen/Ozil/Alexis/Giroud/Hazard/Diego Costa/Firmino/Coutinho/Walcott/Kane/Alli/Sigurdsson

I would focus on Arsenal and Tottenham players since they have easier games than the rest.










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