DraftKings Premier League: Week 24

Hello guys! Week 23 was pretty crazy and still we almost make it in the money zone, but we won’t surrender. I’ll be facing week 24 shooting again for the 5000$ cash prize, never easy in a league as unpredictable as the Premier League. Week 24 will be specially interesting since we’ll only have Liverpool and Tottenham from the top 5 teams in the contest, because of this there will be more affordable picks to choose from which means more options when it comes to build our lineup. Let’s take a look at the player picks for week 24:

Hennessey 5.6k: After watching Crystal Palace’s game against Bournemouth on Tuesday I started trusting this defense again. Great job from Hennessey and his defense that will be facing Sunderland at home, it looks like a much easier game so I expect them to win this game and possibly keep a clean sheet.

Gomes 5.3k: Burnley is one of the best teams at home but one of the worst playing away. After seeing Watford beat Arsenal at the Emirates conceding only one goal I think this team can keep a clean sheet and win the game against Burnley.

Lloris 6k: I feel forced to include him here since I think he’ll keep a clean sheet and win the game, but way too expensive in my opinion.

Soares 5.3k: Cedric is expensive but it might be worth it if we take in account that this week we have more money to spend since we don’t have to buy players like Alexis, Hazard or De Bruyne. Also he was a crossing machine against Swansea in a game they ended up losing, I expect him to be even more active at home against West Ham.

Walker 5.1k /Rose 5.3k: They will be constantly overlapped crossing and combining with Eriksen, Alli and Kane. If you think it’s worth it to pay their price, definitely great picks for Saturday.

Clyne 4.5k/Milner 7.8k: The cheap and the safe option. Clyne is way cheaper but won’t be as involved in attack as Milner. This game against Hull is the perfect scenario for Milner to score more than 15 points, but of course, you’ll have to pay his fees. Possible clean sheet.

Zaha 7.3k: The Ivory Coast prince is back and he proved it being a total nightmare for Bournemouth defense on Tuesday. Dribbling, crosses, shots…everything you want, Zaha has it for you. Definitely in double digits on Saturday.

Brunt 5.4k / Phillips 6.8k: Usually I prefer Phillips over Brunt but I’ve been proven wrong over and over again. Brunt doubled Phillips in crosses on Tuesday and scored 9 points more than him. Phillips has more chances of scoring or assisting since he plays as a forward but he’s also 1.4k more expensive. I wouldn’t be surprised if some lineups included them both.

Kane 9.4k/Eriksen 9.9k/Alli 8.6k: Kane and Alli very goal dependent, Eriksen is the safe option. I’ll personally go with Eriksen since I expect a game where the Spurs struggle to score because of a very defensive Middlesbrough. This means plenty of crosses and long distance shots, perfect game for the Danish-Man.

Coutinho 8.8k: The Brazilian didn’t do much against Chelsea, it’s true that he still not the same after his ankle injury, but step by step Coutinho’s starting to feel important again with the reds. We know how it goes with these players, nothing for a couple games and then boom, they have the game of the season and all of a sudden back in shape again. Liverpool has to win against Hull if they want to keep chasing Chelsea in the battle for the league, I’m sure Coutinho will be deeply involved in every single chance the reds create on Saturday.

Mirallas 6.5k / Lukaku 8k: Mirallas price is really low for the kind of player he is, also he’ll be playing as center forward again and will be involved in almost all the set pieces. The only con is he’ll only play around 70 min or less since Koeman likes to bring fresh legs in around that minute. Lukaku is the goal dependent option but it’s true that all his teammates will be targeting him.




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