DraftKings Premier League: Week 24 (Sun)

Only 2 games in Sunday’s slate but including both teams from Manchester, which will make it way more interesting. Let’s take a look at the possible picks for tomorrow’s contest:

K.Schmeichel 4.1k: We’ve seen  Manchester United struggle when it comes to scoring many teams this season. With the players they have upfront it’s always risky to pick the other team’s goalie but at 4.1k it’s definitely worth it, I’m sure Schmeichel will make plenty of saves tomorrow. I don’t expect a clean sheet or Leicester winning the game.

Caballero 5.9k: If you have the budget to include Willy in your team I would go for it, the last two performances of the citizens looked very promising since their game improved notoriously and they finally managed to keep two clean sheets in a row. It’s true that Swansea is playing better with Clement but Man City will have the control of the ball the whole time, and playing in front of their fans again I don’t think they will let this one go.

Valencia 5.5k: I wouldn’t be surprised if Valencia is the top performer defender tomorrow, I expect a defensive Leicester so he’ll have plenty of chances to cross. Also, Antonio is a player that always delivers those 4-5 points from his defensive work. I expect him to be in double digits tomorrow.

Olsson 4k / Naughton 3.7k: Martin Olsson surprised everyone last week with a really good performance on his second start with Swansea. I don’t think he’ll be able to cross a lot tomorrow but he’ll be involved in all the defensive work Swansea will have to do to stop Aguero and co. It will be difficult to find reliable defenders in tomorrow slate, I think Olsson can be a good pick at a low cost. Naughton would be the defensive option, since Man City will have the ball and his price is even lower than Olsson’s I also see him as a good pick to fill a spot in your lineup.

Silva 6.6k: Silva’s low price caught my attention, it should be an ”easy” game at home for the citizens and David will have a plenty of chances to score or assist one of his teammates. He’s not De Bruyne or Aguero but you also don’t have to pay that much to have him in your team.

Ibrahimovic 9.7k: If you decide not to go with De Bruyne and Aguero, Ibrahimovic could be an interesting pick. I personally don’t love this one since is extremely goal dependent and I don’t think tomorrow’s the best scenario for him, and I say this based on Man U’s game lately, because we all know Leicester is not one of the toughest teams to beat right now.

KDB 10.3k/ Aguero 9.6k: I think it would be way to risky not to include both of these players tomorrow, you don’t want to miss 30 points because you thought it wasn’t worth it to pay their price.

Pogba 7.6k: I don’t know if he’ll score tomorrow but for sure he’ll try non stop. I expect plenty of shots tomorrow from the Frenchman that doesn’t need to score to be in double digits in DraftKings.

Herrera 5.1k: Another useful pick to fill the spots left once you spent big money in all your top picks. Herrera will play alongside Pogba doing the dirty work and covering the spaces the french star leaves when he loses his position. Between his defensive work and the couple shots he average every game he can get up to 8-9 points easily in a game that Man U has to win no matter what.



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