DraftKings Premier League 25

Hello soccer lovers, here we are one more week ready to go over this Week 25 in the Premier League. We have a total of six games in the Saturday slate including the Tottenham vs Liverpool at White Hart Lane and the Manchester United vs Watford at Old Trafford. Let’s take a look at the player picks for Saturday:

Manone 4.3k: Sunderland will face Southampton at home, in theory a much stronger team. But the thing is, Southampton has been struggling to score in the last couple games and Sunderland’s defense is stronger now than any other stage of the season, I think Vito at 4.3 is a very reasonable and affordable pick for Saturday.

Robles 5.3k: If you want to invest a little bit more in this position Robles can also be a good pick. Middlesbrough has one of the lowest scoring records in the Premier League, they also don’t shoot to much neither so don’t expect Robles to make many saves.

Valencia 5.9k: Valencia’s price keeps going up since his performances are better and better every week. He’s one of the most active players in the squad, heavily involved in offense and defense. I expect plenty of crosses from him once more + a couple extra defensive points. Good chance for a clean sheet.

Fabio 4.2k: The Brazilian left back scored 9 points without clean sheet against Tottenham at White Hart Lane. He’ll be involved in defensive work again since Everton’s forwards will challenge him over and over. Also, if he crossed 5 times against Tottenham expect more from him on Saturday. The combo of crosses + defensive work should put him almost in double digits again.

Cresswell 4k: West Ham’s left back has been a disappointing pick so far, but last week he crossed 5 times against Southampton on the road and also had a chance to score. It looks like there’s still hope for him, his low price makes him a reasonable pick for Saturday.

Soares: 5.1k: His price is lower than usual since Southampton will face Sunderland on the road. Soares is one of the most attacking right backs in the Premier League and he averages almost 10 crosses in the last couple games. I expect Sunderland to be solid in defense which means Southampton will have to use their full backs a lot to get to Manone through crosses and long distance shots.

Mkhitaryan 7.8k: MVP last week against Leicester and becoming one of the most important players of the squad. He’s not as goal dependent as Ibra and his price is also way lower, definitely an interesting pick for Saturday since Man U will receive Watford at Old Trafford.

Eriksen 9.5k: Playing at Anfield Road is never easy and his price is probably too high but Liverpool’s defense has been pretty shaky the last couple games and let’s not forget Eriksen owns the set pieces in his team. This game could go either way and even though I admit Anfield is not the best scenario for Eriksen I would understand seeing the danish midfielder in more almost 40% of the lineups on Saturday.

Snodgrass 7.9k: He’s clearly not Payet and we saw on his last game against Southampton but hey, we should expect him to do better and better every week so who knows if Saturday is one of those days when we see Snodgrass involved in every single play. If you have the budget and need a midfielder involved in set pieces Snoddy should be one of the candidates.

Arnautovic 6.1k: Really interesting pick, and I think he is basically because of Crystal Palace’s bad moment. Marko will most likely play as left forward and we’ll be involved in 50% of the set pieces for Stoke City. At this price and playing at home you should definitely at least consider him.

Defoe 6.5k: Southampton are supposed to have a solid defense so Saturday’s game is supposed to be a bad scenario for Defoe, that’s why his price is not too high. But right now Southampton’s defense is not solid at all so we have a great chance to get a cheap forward with a reasonable chance of scoring again this weekend.

Ibrahimovic 9.7k: I don’t like Ibra in DraftKings, I said it a million times, he’s too goal dependent, but he’s scoring non stop and he’ll play against Watford at home on Saturday. I’ve been thinking about not including him in my squad but I think it would be to risky. I have the feeling he’ll score over 20 points.



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