DraftKings Premier League: Week 25 (Sun)

I love to spend my Sundays watching good soccer, I actually don’t know this week I’ll be able to, but for sure I’ll be following what happens in the two games we have on Sunday. The first game will be at Turf Moor where Burnley will try to scratch something positive from Chelsea’s visit. Right after that we’ll be able to watch a very interesting game between Swansea and Leicester, who would have though this two teams will be fighting for the same goal this year, stay in the Premier League. Let’s take a look at the player picks for Sunday:

Schmeichel 4.5k: Affordable pick, it’s true that Leicester’s defense is not what it used to be but Swansea’s offense is nothing extraordinary neither. I’m sure Schmeichel will make plenty of saves on Sunday and also has a good chance to keep a clean sheet. Who’ll win this game? Who knows…Fabianski wouldn’t be a bad pick neither but even if it’s not their best year, I still fear Vardy and Mahrez.

Courtois 5.8k: IF you’re willing to invest this much in a goalie go ahead and do it, of course he’s the safest option since you have 5 points almost guaranteed, but remember, if Burnley scores it will hurt…

Olsson 4.5k / Naughton 4.2k: Olsson gets most of his points from crosses and fouls drawn and Naughton’s come from defensive work. I like the Swedish player a little bit more since there’s always the chance he’ll assist or even score. Possible clean sheet.

Stephen Ward 4.1k: Ward will have to defend more than usual so I’m assuming he’ll get around 5 extra points from that. Also, he always likes to attack even when playing against the best teams in the league, so expect a couple crosses from him as well. I don’t see him getting the clean sheet points this week.

Alonso 6k: Fine, I’m including him because if he scores or assists again I’ll have to hear you, but I’m not a fan of Alonso when it comes to DraftKings. Also, he’s way too expensive.

Brady 4.6k: 9 points in 35 min against Watford playing one man down, looks promising. Let’s not forget he’ll be facing Chelsea, which means 5 defenders and a very strong midfield. My only concern is him actually seeing a yellow card, Bardy tends to commit too many fouls when playing against big teams. This being said, I see him as an interesting pick, if Chelsea allows Burnley to have the ball he could easily be in double digits.

Mahrez 7.9k: He had stages of good soccer against Manchester United until he shut down like the rest of his team. When Mahrez is involved he’s a gold mine, crosses, shots… you name it. I see him scoring this weekend, I think Swansea will give him the space he needs to cause trouble.

Moses 7k / Pedro 8.2k: Both playing on the right flank, Moses more involved in the midfield and Pedro playing as a forward. Moses points are more consistent, around 10 points/game from crosses and defensive work usually, Pedro is more goal dependent. In the last couple games we’ve seen Pedro crossing a lot too, which makes him an even more interesting pick, his price is a little too high though. Moses will most likely play 90 min and Pedro will leave his place to Willian after 70 min more or less.

Hazard 9.3k: Out of the last 5 games he has only been in double digits once, last week against Liverpool when he scored. He participates a lot but doesn’t cross or shoots too much, he isn’t fouled often like he used to a couple years ago. Honestly, I don’t feel comfortable paying his price knowing that it could go either way. BUT, he’s one of those players capable of scoring a hat-trick in 20 min so… take your chances.

Damarai Grey 5.3k: Really good pick, I hope he starts. Last week he scored 10 points in 45 min against Man U, he was the only one capable of putting Man U’s defense in trouble. Involved in set pieces and shoots as soon as he has a chance. Swansea should give him the space he needs to be in double digits.

Siggurdsson 8.7k: Must have, probably the safest pick in Sunday’s slate.

Diego Costa 9.6: Similar case than Hazard, out of the last 5 games only 1 in double digits, expensive goal dependent pick. Again, capable of everything.

Narsingh 4.2k: He played 30 min in each of his last two games and assisted twice, what can he do if he starts? I guess will see on Sunday, but if he does start, it could  be interesting to add him to your lineup to fill those spots you always have left once you already paid for your three top picks.





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