DraftKings Premier League: Week 26

Hello guys, here we are again one more week ready to compete for those cash prizes waiting for us every Saturday afternoon. Premier League week 26 is already here and we should start looking at possible picks to give shape to our lineup. This time I won’t be able to post the prizes for each player since for some reason DraftKings doesn’t let us draft a team yet… Anyway,  let’s take a look at the players that could potentially be in our team:

Jakupovic 5.2k: To draft Hull’s goalie might seem crazy but Jaku has been one of the best goalies in the Premier League so fat. It’s true that the he’s conceded many goals but made plenty of saves as well, actually, his average in DraftKings is pretty decent even without too many wins or clean sheets. This Saturday will play at home against Burnley, one of the worst teams in the Premier League playing away, good chance for Jakupovic to lock those clean sheet+win points.

Heaton 4.5k: Burnley has been one of the worst teams away so far this season, so I’m sure Hull City will have plenty of chances to score on Saturday. I also think that Heaton will make a decent amount of saves and who knows, maybe even keep a clean sheet. Let’s not forget that Hull is also one of the worst teams of the League so I don’t think Heaton will concede to many goals. I don’t see Burnley winning the game though.

Van Anholt 4.7k: I know he has been a trap so far this season, and it’s true, he barely crosses. But I think this weekend it will be different, Middlesbrough will be so defensive that will force the two full backs to push forward and I’m sure Van Anholt will cross a couple times and even take his chances to score. He also has a very good chance to keep a clean sheet.

Holebas 4.5k: The Greek left back is becoming more and more important for Watford as we go towards the end of the season. It won’t be easy to win on Saturday and probably he won’t be able to get those clean sheet points, but I’m sure he’ll be pushing forward and crossing all game, specially if the coach decides to go back to the 3-4-3 formation. He’s also involved in set pieces so that’s always a plus.

Fabio 4.4k: Always reliable and meeting expectations, I’m sure he’ll be an affordable pick this weekend since Middlesbrough will play away against Crystal Palace. This game might be a better scenario than it seems for Fabio, Crystal Palace is going through a terrible moment and they really can’t keep the games under control, I’m sure Fabio will have plenty of chances to push forward, more than usual.

Zaha 7.9k: Crystal Palace needs a win desperately, after losing 0-1 against Stoke City last week the team is already in the relegation zone. Middlesbrough visit on Saturday is a great chance to get out of the red zone and actually snap 3 points from one of their direct opponents. Zaha will play, one more, a very important role in the act, I expect plenty of crosses and shots from him + a couple more points from fouls drawn and defensive points. He’ll be ind double digits almost for sure.

Lukaku 9k: Everton will receive Burnley’s visit on Saturday, as we all know by now Sunderland is one of the worst away, it would be too risky not to have Lukaku this weekend.

Barkley 7.3k: He didn’t have a good day last week scoring less than 10 points after 4 weeks in a row being in double digits. On Saturday he’ll have plenty of chances to assist or even score since Sunderland’s defense is way weaker when they play away, I expect this one to be a high scoring game.

Niang 5.8k: Affordable forward that has been performing more than ok in his first couple games in the Premier League. If you’re looking for a cheap pick upfront to fill one of the spots left after adding your big players he could be your man.

Phillips 7k: He has been out of it this last couple weeks, low scores such as those are not normal in a forward that handles 50% of the set pieces for his team. I expect him to catch up this weekend against Bournemouth at home.

Evandro 4.2k: Very affordable pick in the midfield, on top of that, he’ll be involved in 50% of his team’s set pieces. Usually he plays right behind the forward so I’m sure this Saturday he’ll have a couple chances to score or assist against Burnley at home.

Hazard 9.4k/Costa 10.1k/Pedro 8.6k: Three goal dependent picks with really good chances to score this weekend at home against Swansea. Costa and Hazard will have more chances since they will be more targeted and enjoy more minutes than Pedro. If for some reason you don’t think those two players are not worth paying their price you can always go with the Canarian forward at a lower rate. I would definitely pick on of these three for Saturday.

Snodgrass 8.3k: Slowly picking up pace and getting more and more involved in his new team’s game. Last week already in double digits and participating even more than two weeks ago. He’ll play away this weekend at a difficult stadium against West Brom, this is not the best scenario for Snoddy but as we all know, if he has a good day you really don’t want to miss it.




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