DraftKings Interleague: Feb 19th

Good evening friends! This weekend we won’t be able to enjoy the Premier League on Sunday since there will be only one game left. We don’t have La Liga contests anymore but we do have the Interleague slates that are actually a lot of fun. Our lineup ended up in second place last week (I’m pretty proud about that) and we made 75$ / entry, which is not bad at all. Let’s see if we can repeat this Sunday as well and bring something home with us. This contest will be directly affected by the Barcelona and PSG games, we’ll have plenty of top picks to choose from, the bad news are we will only be able to afford one or two of those. What I’ll do today is go over some affordable picks we can include in our lineup and more to the end I’ll list those ”top picks” so everybody is aware who those players are. Let’s take a look at the player picks for Sunday’s Interleague slate:

Donnarumma 5k: Milan and Fiorentina  are two very unpredictable teams, I wouldn’t be able to tell you which one is better right know. I do know the home factor will help Milan on Sunday, so they most likely will have more chances to score than Fiorentina. Also, as we all know by now, Donnarumma is one of the best goalies in the Serie A.

Tatarusanu 4.4k: If you don’t want to pay 5k for a goalie then Fiore’s goalie could be a good option for you. He’ll probably face more shots than Donna so if he has a good day you’ll get all those saves points. About the clean sheet or win points, he could get those but I would say the chances are 60% Donna and 40% Tata for the clean sheet.

Kurzawa 4.8k: Really good price for a PSG full back. He for sure will be useful in defense but I expect him to push forward and cross quite a lot on Sunday. At this price I wouldn’t think it twice. Good chance of clean sheet

Milic 4.5k: With the 3-4-3 system Milic has more chances to cross and is more involved in attack than when the team plays with four defenders. I expect him to cross quite a lot on Sunday since Milan tends to give the ball to their opponents and wait for the counterattack. 40% chance of clean sheet.

Meunier 5.6k: Meunier is probably the safest pick but also one of the most expensive. I’m sure he’ll cross a lot on Sunday and will get plenty of defensive points. Also very good chance to keep a clean sheet.

Alba 4.7k: It’s true that his average right now is not good at all, but playing against Leganes at home he should have plenty of chances to cross and even assist one of his teammates. I expect him to be in double digits on Sunday. Good chance to keep a clean sheet.

Deulofeu 6k: The Catalan player is on fire with his new team. For only 6k you’ll get a player that shoots, crosses, gets fouled and will have many chances to score or assist on Sunday.

Bernardeschi 7.5k: More expensive pick but for a good reason. Fiore’s number 10 will be Milan’s biggest threat on Sunday, he’ll be involved in direct free kicks as well. Goal dependent pick.

Trejo 4.5k: Very affordable pick but also for a good reason, he’ll be playing away against PGS. But still, 4.5k is really cheap for an attacking midfielder that handles almost all the set pieces in his team. Definitely a good pick to fill those empty spots left when we only have a couple thousands in the bank.

Draxler 6.9k: If he starts he’ll have a couple chances to score or assist for sure, cheap forwards in big teams is what you want.

Kalinic 6.7k: Fiorentina’s top forward didn’t start last week but when he does is definitely a player to watch, he’ll probably the most targeted man in his team. Goal dependent pick.

Now let’s take a look at those players called game changers, difference makers. We’ll only be able to choose one or two of these players so take your time to think about it.

Barcelona: Messi 11.9k, Neymar 10.5k, Suarez 10k

PSG: Di Maria 10.2k, Cavani 9.9k, Moura 8.3k

Milan: Suso 8.2k 



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