DraftKings Premier League: Week 26 (Sun)

Hello guys! It’s Thursday night and I can wait for a good weekend with many good games. After going over all the possible player picks for Saturday’s slate now we’re going to take a look at Sunday’s. We only have two games on Sunday, but these two games include teams like Tottenham and Liverpool, so there’ll be plenty of possibilities to build our lineups.

Lloris 6k: The expensive choice, and the safest. Playing against Stoke City at home Lloris has a good chance to lock the clean sheet + the win points. I’m sure he’ll be able to make a couple saves as well

Mignolet 5.5k: You know, usually I try to find an affordable pick but this time I think it’s too risky to go with Grant or Schmeichel, it could co extremely wrong. For sure Liverpool’s clean sheet will be threatened by Leicester and their new coach but I think they still have a good chance of keeping it. I also think Liverpool will win this one.

Walker 5.3k: Sometimes he can be considered a trap because he doesn’t cross as much as it seems, but I expect him to keep a clean sheet on Sunday. Also, he’ll be overlapped most of the game so it could happen that he assists one of the forwards.

Milner 7.5k: The James, definitely one of the top picks this Sunday. Top picks because he’ll guarantee you a score between 10 and 20 points. Don’t expect him to go over 20 though.

Clyne 4.6k: Lately he’s crossing more than players like Walker or Davies and his price is lower. Leicester will give him the space he needs to push forward and keep looking for his teammates with his crosses.

Damarai gray 4.8k: One of the most active forwards for Leicester right now, the thing is he doesn’t always start. Let’s see if the new coach counts more on him because I think he’s one of the best assets Leicester has right now. Involved in set pieces.

Mahrez 7k: If he’s involved in the game he can be very dangerous and score a decent amount of points. Liverpool doesn’t know how to fully control the game so I’m hoping Mahrez will play an important role in Sunday’s game.

Eriksen 10.2k: Must

Coutinho 9k: The Brazilian is starting to look more like himself game after game, also, he crossed a lot in his last couple games what allowed him to be in double digits. Playing away might not be the best scenario for him and 9k is a big investment, but if he has been in double digits two weekends in a row…something might actually happen on Sunday.

Harry Kane 9.4k: Extremely goal dependent pick, but he’s also the main forward so for sure he’ll enjoy plenty of chances to score. He’s also the penalty taker. Tottenham needs a win no matter what so I expect them to storm on Stoke’s defense since minute 1, it can be a high scoring game for Tottenham players.

Alli 8.5k: Goal dependent pick, I think he’ll have chances to score on Sunday and he’s the affordable alternative to Harry Kane.

Mane 8.6k: Probably the man of the moment after scoring twice against Tottenham two weeks ago. Saido came back in great shape from the Africa cup and keeps proving that he might be Liverpool’s most important forward right now.

Arnautovic 5.4k: The Austrian is one of those players that give the best of themselves when they play against the toughest teams. He’ll be involved in set pieces as well. This might be more a hunch than anything else but for some reason I see Arnautovic in double digits this Sunday.



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