DraftKings MLS: Week 1

The MLS is here! As you all know I’m from Barcelona (Spain), so I wasn’t a big fan of the MLS until a year ago when I landed in Chicago. I won’t say I was super excited since the beginning, basically because Chicago Fire didn’t have a good team last year, but when the playoffs started I got really into it. After watching the MLS cup and following the Super Draft I can say I’m ready to my first MLS adventure. I have to say the research has been pretty easy since I already know many of the players from their stages in Europe or South America. Let’s take a look at the player picks for week 1:

Frei 5.9k: Seattle has one of the most solid defenses and Frei is also one of the best at his job. Houston ended last on 2016 and Seattle made to the MLS final, so we can expect Seattle to win this one, this would give us the 5 extra points for the win. Also good chance for Frei to keep a clean sheet but you never know what can happen, especially when you play away.

Howard 5.6k: Colorado second in Western’s conference regular league last year will face New England, 7th in the Eastern last year. Colorado are expected to have on of the strongest defenses again this year, Tim will have a good chance to lock those win+clean sheet 10 points this Saturday playing at home.

Kemp 6.1k: You didn’t see this one coming, right? I know, it looks like a pretty obvious pick but I want to make sure everybody knows how profitable he can be on Saturday. He’s that kind of left back that doesn’t cross like crazy but is always close to the forwards, what can lead into either more assists or shots on goal. Playing at home on Saturday he has the chance to score a good amount of points.

Grana 4.1k: It’s true that an away game against LA is never supposed to be easy, and it’s also true that we haven’t seen much about Grana yet, but I liked what I saw in the CONCACAF game against Arabe Unido. He was constantly overlapping the midfield and attacking all the spaces in front of him, he created a couple chances himself and made plenty of crosses. I didn’t expect him to be too expensive because ”away factor” but at 4.1 he’ll definitely be worth every penny.

Morrow 5.8k: We all already know Morrow, always very close or in double digits. Most of his points come from crosses and tackles won. I expect Morrow to step up even more this season and become one of the team leaders. He’ll be deeply involved in attack this Saturday, and also has a good chance for a clean sheet.

Luciano Acosta 7.4k: Playing at home against Sporting KC Luciano will have a good chance to prove once more he can be considered one of the top players in the MLS. He was still ”shy” last year but still he managed to pick up 11 assist. I expect him to be involved in every dangerous play on Saturday. This player is not involved in set pieces so he needs his team to keep a high possession % to have more chances to score points, playing at home will help.

Lodeiro 10.7k: The Uruguayan player will be one of the top picks of the weekend, Lodeiro is Seattle’s game changer and will for sure be the one leading the offense on Saturday. Involved in set pieces

Kellyn Acosta 4.8k: I would only recommend this pick if Dallas uses the 4-4-2 system on Saturday. If that’s the case Gruezo would be the one playing the defensive role and Acosta will have more freedom to help out in attack. In his first official game of the season he scored two goals and was taking care of all the set pieces.

Giovinco 12.2k: This weekend we’ll all start building our lineup with 12.2k less, he’s in.

Colman 5.4k: Very goal dependent pick, he can be useful to fill those spots left once we’ve already added our expensive picks for Saturday. I watched him play during preseason and I can tell you this guy will score a tone of goals this season, we’ll have to pay attention to see if he plays as a lone forward or alongside Urruti.

Dempsey 8.2k: Pretty low price for a player like Dempsey facing a team like Houston (No offense). I expect Dempsey to score on Saturday, or at least, to have many chances to score. I think Morris will be the one doing all the hard work and moving to the spaces trying to keep the defenders distracted, then Clint will do what he does, pick up those second chances.

I don’t include players like Kaka, Piatti or Dos Santos because I don’t think they have very favorable match-ups in comparison to the players listed above, so I wouldn’t pay what they cost. Of course leaving this players out is always risky but that’s in part why we’re here, to take our chances.



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