DraftKings Premier League: Week 27

This week I’ll go over some picks for both Saturday’s and Sunday’s slates. It’s already week 27 and we still have a lot of games to enjoy before this season is over, for example, included in Saturday’s slate we have a very interesting Arsenal vs Liverpool. Since we have way to many players to focus on between Saturday’s and Sunday’s slate, today I’ll go over those players that can help us make the difference with our lineups. I’m not talking about Aguero or Alexis, I’m talking about those affordable picks that not everybody will carry.

Fabianski 5.1k: Not a usual pick, but this time Swansea will face Burnley at home. Burnley are the worst team in the Premier League when it comes to playing away, they only have 2 points from their games away from Turf Moor. Fabianski will most likely lock the 5 points from the win and he has a good chance of keeping a clean sheet as well

Lloris 5.5k: There aren’t any great goalie picks for Sunday, but if you ask me, I trust Hugo. Everton is never an easy team to beat, but the Spurs’ll play at home and they’re the second best team at home this season. The other option would be Caballero at 5.8k, but if something I learned this season is not to trust City’s defense.

Soares 5.3k: His price is lower because Southampton plays away this weekend, I was actually surprised when I saw it. For 5.3k you’ll have one of the most reliable left backs in DFS this season, in double digits almost every game. Watford can’t really control the possession so I expect Cedric to be very active in attack.

Robertson 3.8k: Don’t expect crazy stuff from Robert, I include him because in his last 5 games he has been very close to double digits. I think it’s worth considering him since for 3.8k you’ll have a decent left back playing against a team unable to control any of the stages of a game. Yes, I think Leicester win against Liverpool last week was a one time thing.

Oviedo 3.6k: Attacking left back with plenty of defensive work ahead of him this weekend. He’ll also be able to cross and get involved in attack during a couple stages of the game when City will give the ball to Sunderland. Brian was already in double digits last week without a clean sheet, at this price, I think he’s worth a shot.

Townsend 6.7k: T-Money is back, we all remember when Townsend used to be a think in DFS during the first couple weeks of the season, then for some reason he disappeared. Luckily it looks like he’s back, double digits in his last two games and plenty of crosses and shots. Playing away against West Brom is not easy this season but he can be a good alternative pick.

Ward-Prowse 6k: The kid is on fire, double digits in his three last games and now it looks like he’s taking over the right flank role. This means more crosses on top of all the set pieces he’ll take care of, he’s also shooting more than usual. Southampton will face a very disorganized Watford, I’m sure Ward-Prowse will be involved in many dangerous plays.

Silva 7k: David has been in double digits in 4 of his last 5 games, at 7k and playing against Sunderland… He’s also taking care of some the set pieces on the left side. Silva is not a finisher but he has a goal and assist in his last three games, good chance to repeat on Sunday.

Vardy 5.9k: Is Jamie back? I don’t know and as I said I don’t think his team will be the same… but is he? 3 goals in his last two games and playing at home against the third worst team in the Premier League… Doesn’t sound too bad. Goal dependent pick.

Gabbiadini 8.1k: What’s going on with this guy? 5 goals in his last 4 games, and he doesn’t even seem that good… but he is. He wants a spot and he’s not going anywhere, I expect him to have many chances to score on Saturday. Goal dependent pick.

Sterling 7.2k: I know he’s always one of the obvious picks but I wanted to include him just to mention that 7.2k is a really low price for a Sterling facing Sunderland. I’m sure more than 30% of the lineups will include Raheem so not much of a surprise there, still I would pick him alongside Aguero since this can be a high scoring game for City.



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