DraftKings MLS: Week 2

After a very exciting first week, here we are heading already to week 2. Last weekend we were able to have a taste of what this season is going to be, we can’t say we discovered all the players already but we know more or less everybody’s role in their respective teams. In this article I’ll go over some interesting picks, all below 8k, that will help us build a competitive lineup around players like Giovinco, Kljestan, etc…

Let’s take a look at the pictures for week 2:

Clint Irwin 4.9k: Toronto’s defense still pretty solid this year, Irwin kept a clean sheet last week against Real Salt Lake and could easily do it again this weekend against Philadelphia. Philly’s lack of difference makers is what makes me think Clint has a really good chance to lock the 10 extra points for clean sheet + win.

Tyler Deric 5.2k: Surprising first game from Houston, the Texans were all over Seattle and ended up beating them. Columbus performance against Chicago on the other side wasn’t that good, they started strong but ended up losing possession and and allowed the Fire to come back from the dead. Good chance for Tyler to get the 10 extra points.

Eric Miller 4.6k: When we think about the Red Bulls we think about players like Henry, the Wright Phillips, Klejsetan, etc… a great team. The truths is they’re not that great and actually suffered to beat an expansion team last week. I saw a team unable to control the possession and trying to play counterattack without fast players. Soccer isn’t an exact science and you never know how a game is going to be but I expect Miller to have plenty of chances to attack and send crosses in the area. I don’t think he’ll keep a clean sheet.

Nick Lima 5.1k: He surprised everybody with his first performance in the MLS, his performance helped his team to beat Montreal last week. Always overlapped, sending plenty of crosses  and shots, and he’ll play at home again this week. Safe bet and possible clean sheet again.

Albert Rusnak 5.1k: Had a decent game against a difficult team like Toronto last week, midfielder playing almost as a forward and in charge of almost all the set pieces. This weekend he’ll face Chicago, a team in better shape than last year but not comparable to Toronto yet.

Lamah 5k: It’s true that playing away is never good and Kansas is a strong team at home but this price is irresistible. Lamah’s always very active and will play the 90 minutes almost for sure, his points come mostly from fouls drawn and crosses. Since he plays as a left forward he always have chances to score/assist, definitely an interesting pick.

Agudelo 5.7k: He didn’t quite wake up on his first MLS appearance this year, but I remember from last year what Agudelo is capable of. He’ll play at home against Orlando, a team way stronger at home than away that just lost their best player for a couple games. Agudelo is a goal dependent pick but he fires the shot as soon as he has the chance, he could easily be in double digits without scoring.

Romell Quioto 6k: Low price for a player like Quioto playing at home, a player that dibbles shoots and crosses as soon as he has a chance. He already scored and created chances against a team like Seattle, what will he be able to do against Columbus at home? Double digits almost guaranteed.



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