DraftKings Premier League: Week 28

This one will be a reduced game-week since we’ll only have 3 games on Saturday and one on Sunday. The EPL slate only includes the three games on Saturday what leaves us with six teams to choose from, this will definitely be a challenge. One more week I’ll go over affordable picks that can deliver a good performance on Saturday, this way we’ll have a competitive lineup and enough budget to include more than one top pick in it.

Let’s take a look at the picks for week 28:

Jakupovic 5.1k: Hull City is trying to become a more solid team at home and Jakupovic plays an important role in this process. Averages a decent amount of saves per game and this Saturday will have a good chance to lock up the 10 extra points from win+clean sheet, as good as it gets.

Robles 5.5k: Probably a safer pick when it comes to the 5 extra points from the win, but his clean sheet is just as possible as Jakupovic’s. Robles also averages a good amount of saves per game, he’s the safe pick of the weekend, if you can afford paying for him go ahead and do it.

Olsson 5.6k: His two last games at home were amazing, that’s basically why his average score is this high. When it comes to playing away he doesn’t perform that well, but I say it’s worth trying him this weekend since he comes from scoring, crossing nine times and firing 5 shots in his last game.

Cresswell 4.1k: Its true that Cresswell is not what he used to be, but it’s also true that he has been close to double digits in his last two performances without keeping a clean sheet. His last game was against Chelsea and he was able to send 5 crosses in the are and even fire a shot. I’m not saying he’s a top pick, I’m just saying it’s worth considering him at this price.

Kamil Grosicki 7.2k: This player went from ”Who’s that?” to a usual pick in everybody’s DFS lineup. Taking care of almost all the set pieces in his team he crossed more than 10 times in his last two games, Kamil also tries the goalie as soon as he has a chance. Playing at home against Swansea is the perfect scenario for him to do something big.

Lanzini 6.9k: Manuel is on fire lately, double digits in his last three performances including two goals. I wouldn’t say he’s a goal dependent pick but he’s not as safe as a set piece taker. What I like from him is that he’s finally playing the 90 minutes, until a couple weeks ago Bilic used to sub him around minute 70 but now it looks like he’s finally one of the untouchables.

Fraser 5.6k: Great pick when he doesn’t play against the big teams, the home game against West Ham should be a good scenario for him, I expect him to be in double digits. Fraser is also involved in his teams set pieces, his points come mostly from crosses and fouls drawn.

King 5.8k: Joshua has scored in three of his last four games, missing only against Manchester City, at this price I say it’s worth giving him a try. He should have four or five chances to score against West Ham at home, I expect Bournemouth to have more the ball. Goal dependent pick.



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