DraftKings MLS Sweeper Week 4

Hello again my friends, this weekend we don’t have European leagues but we do have a couple MLS games, luckily enough to put together a Sweeper. Since we only have 6 teams involved I’m going to comment on as many players as I can to help everybody build their lineup properly. Let’s take a look a the picks for Saturday’s Sweeper:

Gleeson 4.6k: I know Portland will play away but I honestly don’t see Columbus getting anything positive from this game. Gleeson will possibly make plenty of saves since Columbus of course will try, but Portland will keep the 3 points and possibly a clean sheet too.

Robles 5.3k: It’s true that the Red Bulls are not what they used to be but they still are a solid team at home, and Real Salt Lake are not one of the most dangerous teams in the competition. A little bit pricier than Gleeson but also safer.

Bilyeu 4.5k: If he plays again definitely pick him, there’s nothing exciting when it comes to defenders and Justin is affordable and capable, 8 points last weekend against Seattle without a clean sheet.

Chris Tierney 5.5k: Will Tierney wake up at some point? I personally don’t know but you want to be there when he does. I don’t know if I’ll pay the 5.5k in the end but playing at home against Minnesota is definitely a good scenario for him.

Zizzo 5.2k: It looks like Zizzo is starting to get involved in the game with two good performances in his last two games, NY will definitely need him to bean RSL this weekend. Possible clean sheet.

Blanco 6.5k: Another example like the one before, very affordable midfielders that will guarantee you double digit scores. Deeply involved in set pieces and with a better match up than Rusnak.

Mohammed Saeid 5.5k: Mo will handle Minnesota’s set pieces again and will participate in almost every attacking play of his team. Playing against New England away is not the best scenario for him, agreed, but I don’t think there’s a good scenario for Minnesota at all this year in the MLS.

C.Ramirez 4.6k: I include Ramirez not because of his talent but because his super low price, also, he’s scored two goals in his first three games so not too bad. Like I said before, playing away is never a good scenario, specially for Minnesota, but New England are not int heir best moment neither so you wouldn’t be throwing money away with this pick.

Valeri 10.4k/ Adi 8.8k / Wright Phillips 10.6k: These are the players we’ll have to build our squad around.





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