DraftKings Premier League: Week 30

Here we are again, the Premier League is finally back, I know it has only been a week but we didn’t have many MLS games neither so it was a long week without good soccer. This week we’ll participate in the Striker contest that includes 7 different games what means 14 different teams. Like many other times I’ll focus only on those affordable players that can give us a performance above the average, and will allow us to have enough budget to build our lineup around two or three top picks. Let’s take a look at the player picks for Saturday:

Randolph 4.6k: West Ham will visit Hull City, I expect an open game with chances for both teams but West Ham should dominate. Hull’s offense is pretty week and if the Hammers have a good day in defense the clean sheet is more than possible. I also think West Ham will win this one so this would give Randolph 5 more points.

Schmeichel 5.1k: Leicester look like they’re coming back from the dead and Schmeichel with them. The Danish goalie has been scoring a good amount of points in his last four games, on top of this, Leicester will play at home against Stoke City, a team that disappears in almost every away game. It could be a great weekend for all the Schmeichel holders.

Cresswell 4.2k: He’s still not what he used to be but at least now he’ started crossing again going over 6 crosses/game in his last four matches. I expect West Ham to have the ball against Hull what should allow him to cross even more. Possible clean sheet as well.

Valencia 6.1k: If you want to invest more in defense Valencia is your guy, he’ll be in double digits almost guaranteed. I usually don’t like to put that much money in defense picks but in this case I might think about it.

Betrand 5k / Soares 5.2k: Neither of these two players has been crossing like they used to a couple weeks ago, but I expect them to be back at their usual level this weekend. A home game against a team like Bournemouth should allow them to get involved in attack and send plenty of crosses looking for Gabbiadini. Possible clean sheet

Ward-Prowse 5.7k: Double digits in his last 5 games and his price still below 6k, I’ll take it. Deeply involved in set pieces and now playing as a left forward, which allows him to participate even more in attacking plays.

Grosicki 6.8k: We still have to see if he’ll start but if he does you should definitely consider him. Even though West Ham will probably dominate the game, all Hull City attacking plays will pass through Grosicki’s feet. He’s also involved in all the set pieces for his team.

Townsend 6.8k: Playing against Chelsea away is never the best scenario to recommend a pick, I know, but we don’t have many options when it comes to affordable midfielders this week. This doesn’t mean Townsend won’t do anything, he could easily be in double digits if Chelsea allows Crystal Palace to play just a little bit, he’s a crossing machine and shoots as soon as he has a chance.

Vardy 6.6k: Like I said, Leicester is back and Vardy has been in double digits in his last 6 games, at this price and playing at home it would be irresponsible not to pick him. Goal dependent pick.

Gabbiadini 7.7k: Another goal dependent pick that has been on fire in his last couple games if we don’t count the last one against Tottenham where he only played 30 min. This player averages 5-6 shots per game and doesn’t miss many, like all goal dependent picks will be a risky move but one of the safest at the same time.

Rashford 7.4k: Without Ibra banned Rash will be the main man against West Brom on Saturday. We know this player and we know he won’t hide even if he’s only 19 years old. I expect him to have many chances to score and he probably will. Goal dependent pick.


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