DraftKings MLS: Week 5

We have a full MLS weekend this time, not like last week. In this article I’ll include player picks for Saturday’s two slates, early and late. Like always I’ll focus on affordable picks that can make a difference and not on the obvious ones like Giovinco or Dos Santos for example. Let’s take a look at the player picks for this Saturday:

Bush 4.4k: I do think the Fire will get better but right now I’ve only seen them defend and counter attack, without creating too many chances. It’s a risky pick because Montreal will play away but I still think Bush has a good chance to lock clean sheet + win.

Diop 4.7k: Another risky and affordable pick. It’s true that the Galaxy aren’t in their best shape yet but they’re getting there + this team knows how to defend. Van Damme is back and this will help Diop keep a clean sheet. If he doesn’t, he should be able to pick up points from saves and possibly a +5 from a win.

Venegas 3.5k: Minnesota doesn’t look like a team yet and there isn’t much to highlight from their games but this player is actually profitable when it comes to DFS. Right back at this price and always trying to cross/shoot. I think it will help us build a competitive squad without having to buy any CB’s.

Wallace 5k: PLaying as a midfielder he’ll have plenty of chances to score more points than a regular defender + possible extra points for the clean sheet. The only downside is that he won’t play 90 min, Wallace’s usually subbed around minute 70-80, but still, at this price I would seriously consider it.

Afful 5.7k: Afful playing at home is always more dangerous, it’s also true his price is a little bit high and Orlando is not an easy team but he’s one of the most solid picks when it comes to attacking defenders.

Alex 5.8k: Super low price for a player like him playing at home. Involved in set pieces and always trying to participate in attack. The only downside is that he’ll be facing the Red Bulls, a very solid team when it comes to defending.

Godoy 6k: Difficult game for Godoy playing against NY city but his price is also fare. I mean, he could easily have a great day and score 20 points but it will be more difficult than usual… I do expect him to be in double digits though, involved in set pieces and constantly connecting with the forwards.

Rusnak 7.2k: His price is going up every week, just like his points. Playing against Minnesota I would say this player MUST be in your lineup just in case Real Salt Lake rolls them over. Rusnak will take care of all the set pieces on more and will be deeply involved in attack.

Barnes 6.1k. Barnes has been in double digits in his last three games, something tells me he can go for the fourth. Orlando will play away against Columbus, not an easy game but not one of the most difficult games away neither. Barnes is not fully goal dependent, he can also get points from crosses and fouls drawn.

Erick Torres 5.7k: I add Erick and not Quioto just because of the price difference but any of the two could leave the stadium with a bag of points on Saturday.  Goal dependent pick, double digits in his last three games but only because he scored. He’ll take care of a portion of the set pieces this weekend.


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