DraftKings Premier League: Week 32

Week 32 is already here and we couldn’t wait to write about possible player picks. The Premier League is pretty much done but there’s still a lot of money to be played when it comes to DraftKings. Six games will be included in this Saturday’s Sweeper, we’ll have Manchester City and Chelsea in there. Let’s take a look at the player picks:

Victor Valdes 5k: Middlesbrough will play against Burnley at home, we already know Burnley is one of the best teams at home but also one of the worst playing away, so this makes Valdes one of the best picks when it comes to goalkeepers this weekend. I expect him to lock at least the 5 points from the clean sheet.

Randolph 5.1k: West Ham are not one of the best defensive teams but playing at home against Swansea is a good chance for Randolph to get the 5 extra points from the win, and if everything goes well, 5 more from the clean sheet.

Miler 6.2k: It’s true that Milner hasn’t been himself these last couple games but his price is really low this weekend, I would go with him even if they’re playing away. Stoke is not what it used to be a couple years ago, I expect Milner to send plenty of crosses and probably he’ll have a couple chances to score as well, deeply involved in set pieces.

Marcos Alonso 5.5k: It looks like all the top defenders are on sale this weekend, Alonso at this price is definitely worth it.

Tadic 6.7: It looks like Tadic is back, he played 90 min and made 16 crosses this week, we’ll have to see if he’ll start again but if he does this might be one of the picks of the weekend. Involved in set pieces.

Ward-Prowse 5.9k: Same thing goes for the Englishman, 90 min and 10 crosses this week, involved in set pieces as well. Let’s pay attention ans see if he starts on Saturday.

Adama 4.6k: Scored 22 points and played 90 min in his last game, like with other players, we’ll have to stay tuned to see if he rotates or not. Playing against Burnley at home should be a great chance for him to at least be in double digits again. His points come mostly from crosses and fouls drawn.

Brunt 6k: Brunt will play in the midfield again which means he’ll be more involved in attacking plays. Also involved in set pieces he’ll have more chances to cross and shoot than usual. It won’t be an easy game but I’m sure his teal will relay on him to break Southampton’s wall.

Origi 6.7k: It looks like he’s set to start again on Saturday after scoring in his last two appearances with Liverpool, his price is low for a Liverpool starting forward so if you’re looking for reliable cheap options upfront Divock might be your man. Goal dependent pick.

Carroll 6.8k: Andy will be the main man upfront against Swansea on Saturday, the hammers should win this one and Carrol will for sure have a couple chances to score. Goal dependent pick.






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