Interleague 2k Sweeper Sunday

I chose one of the Sunday contests since we have a couple going on, I’ll focus on the one that includes these three games:

Lazio vs Napoles / Las Palmas vs Betis / PSG vs Guingamp

Like always I’ll be going over those affordable picks that will most likely give us a good a performance and will allow us to include more than one top pick in our lineup. All the following picks will be below the 7k mark:

Lizoain 5.2k: Las Palmas aren’t what they used to be at home but I think they’ll be able to hold Betis. Lizoain might be looking at 10 extra points from win+clean sheet, I’m sure Betis will make him work as well

Durmisi 5.4k: His last couple performances haven’t been at his usual level but I have trust in him. Playing as a left back and involved in set pieces, he should have plenty of chances to send crosses in to the area zone.

Meunier 5.6k: Don’t expect too many crosses from Meunier, but he’ll be involved in attack combining with the forwards. This means he’ll have plenty of crosses to assist or even shoot on goal. The clean sheet is looking good as well.

Callejon 6.9k: A difference maker that hasn’t been at his usual level lately, I expect him to come back in a big game like this one against Lazio. This pick is not safe since he won’t be involved in set pieces, but I wouldn’t call it goal dependent neither.

Hamsik 6.2k: Not too many things below 7k for tomorrow but we have Hamsik, another player that used to be a game changer but he banished in his last couple performances. I expect him to show up again tomorrow against Lazio, his team will need him.

Jese 7k: He was supposed to be Las Palmas superstar but hasn’t been yet, he didn’t start in their last game so he looks set to play 90 min tomorrow. I see him very active in attack tomorrow, most likely in double digits.

Briand 5.3k: A shooting machine, he’ll create a chance as soon as he has the ball, the only downside is that he’ll play away against PSG so Guingamp will have less possession than usual.


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