DraftKings Premier League: Week 33

We’re getting close to the end and I don’t even want to think about what we’ll do when this competition is gone… Week 33 is already here and the games look more unpredictable than ever, It’s gonna be hard to predict who’ll win t but it shouldn’t be that hard to predict who’ll have a good performance this weekend. Like always I’ll go over those affordable picks that for less than 7k will most likely provide a good amount of points. Let’s take a look at the player picks:

Fraser Forster 4k: Call me crazy but I think Forster has a good chance to keep a clean sheet against Manchester City at home. I’ve seen the citizens struggle away many times this year and most of the games are slow and without too many chances.

Robles 5.9k: Safest pick probably, against Burnley at home. Burnley is one of the best teams of the league playing at home but they actually haven’t won an away game yet. I expect Robles to lock both, the win and clean sheet extra points.

Soares 4.7k: Same thing here, I know playing against Manchester City doesn’t look like the best scenario to pick a defender from, and maybe he doesn’t get a clean sheet, but I’m sure Man City will give him space to run and send many crosses. He’ll get some points from defensive work as well.

Holebas 5.2k: It looks like Holebas is back, the Greek man started crossing again and he has been in double digits or almost there in his last four games. He’ll be involved in the set pieces again and playing home against Swansea is certainly a great opportunity to be in double digits again.

Tadic 6.3k: I’m not a big fan of Tadic for DFS but the kid is killing it lately. He has been in double digits in his two last games and will face Manchester City at home, a team that struggles when it comes to keeping a clean sheet. Tadic will be involved in almost every attacking play and he’ll possibly get some set pieces.

Grosicki 6.6k: Another player that’s on fire lately, even last week against Manchester City away he was close enough to double digits. He’ll take on all the set pieces this weekend as well, I expect him to be in double digits again.

Shaquiri 6.5k: It looks like Sherdan is back, assisted last week against Liverpool and what’s even more important, was able to cross 10 times. I expect him to get plenty of points from crosses and fouls drown again this weekend.

Defoe 6.1k: He has always been a goal dependent pick but lately not so much since he’s shooting more than usual. He has been close to double digits in his last couple games without scoring. Playing at home against West Ham sounds like a good scenario for him.

Anichebe 4.3k: He’s one of my picks not because of his potential but because of his price. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a bad player and could easily be in double digits this Saturday, but the low price is what put him in this list today.

Arnautovic 6.1k: Double digits in 3 of his last 4 appearances, deeply involved in his team game and very active. He’ll have some of the set pieces this weekend but most of those will be for Shaquiri. At 6.1 Arnautovic is a really good option if you’re looking for a cheap forward.


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