DraftKings Premier League: Week 34

As we get closer to the end of the league I realize I’ll really miss this competition during summer. At least we’ll have the MLS but we’ll definitely miss the Premier League and Interleague slates. But it’s not over yet! This weekend we have a Saturday contest that includes 4 9am games without any of the top teams, so it will be even more interesting. Let’s take a look at the player picks for this Saturday:

Boruc 5.5k: I personally would pick any goalie that played against Middlesbrough, and even more if he plays at home. The Boro is probably the worst team when it comes to scoring or even creating chances, I expect Boruc to lock the 10 extra points from win+ clean sheet.

Grant 4.4k: If you want to go with the affordable option I recommend Grant. He’ll play against Swansea a team that also struggles to create chances, and his prices is slow because Stoke will play on the road. This pick is not as safe as Boruc, not even close actually, but out of the cheap ones I would say is the best.

Adam Smith 4.8k: I usually like to pick right or left back with attacking skills but the truth is that we don’t have too many options for this weekend. Smith is a good defensive option, he’ll get you a good amount of points from interceptions and tackles. Possible clean sheet as well.

Maguire 4.5k: It looks like Maguire days are back, the center back has scored in his last two appearances and we don’t want him to stop. Not only that, he has 7 shots in his last two games, better numbers than most forwards. At this price and playing at home against Watford I think he’s worth a shot.

Holgate 4.2k: He’ll be playing for Coleman again, so get Everton’s right back for only 4.2, this should be enough to convince you. If you want more, he crossed 8 times against Burnley last weekend and was very close to double digits without a clean sheet.

Creswell 3.9k: If you’re desperate and you need a very cheap defender I would go with Creswell. He’ll have to face Evertons forwards but at least West Ham plays at home this weekend. He was starting to cross a lot before he missed last week’s game, if he makes a couple crossed + some defensive work it might be worth it to pay this low price.

Sigurdsson 11k: Must

Snodgrass 7k: He’s definitely not what he used to be at Hull but it might be worth it since he has been in double digits in his two last games. Involved in set pieces but not playing the 90 min lately, which is not good.

Grosicki 7.2k: This player is a way better option playing at home, this weekend Hull receives Watford at home so Kamil will be an option to consider. Involved in almost all the set pieces and playing 90 minutes in his last three appearances.

Mirallas 7.9k: Kevin is starting again and even if he doesn’t play the 90 minutes for now he becomes an option to consider for this Saturday. The scenario is not the best neither playing away against West Ham, but the truth is that for 7.9k you get a player that fits as a Midfielder or forward and is involved in set pieces.

Lukaku 11.4k: Must. It will have to be either Lukaku or Siggy for most people I’m afraid, but I’m sure a couple brave ones will try to fit them both in their lineup.

King 6.9k: Last week King’s luck vanished and he proved once more what we already knew, he’s an extremely goal dependent pick. This Saturday he’ll play against Middlesbrough at home so even if I don’t really like my lineup to relay only on goals I would consider adding him.

Arnautovic 7.5k / Shaquiri 7.7k: Both of them came back last weekend scoring and assisting and having a great performance. They have also been in double digits in their two last appearances but of course, now his price has also gone up. If you can afford it it might worth it to have them this weekend, Watford have not a solid defense and these two could make serious damage, even playing away.



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