DraftKings Premier League: Week 35

The end is near! But we still have a couple more weeks of Premier League fun! With Chelsea losing two of their last six games it looks like there’s still hope for the Spurs but I honestly don’t see it happening. We don’t have any of the big teams included in Saturdays contest, which means  means it will probably be even more interesting since all the lineups will be more balanced. Like always I’ll try to go over good affordable picks, I think that we all already know all the good expensive players.

Hennessey 5.4k: Always pick the goalie that will play against Burnley at home. Remember Burnley is the worst team on the road in the Premier League, this will be always a safe pick.

Forster 5.5k: Another safe pick, playing against Hull at home sounds like a good scenario for Forster. Hull, one of the worse teams in the Premier League when it comes to scoring goals away. This week I’m not playing around with the goalies.

Van Anholt 5.1k: Let’s see if he starts, I think he will. If he does he’ll have the chance to play against Burnley at home, remember what we said about Burnley? Exactly. Expect Patrick to run up and down and send a couple crosses, he might even try to score. I expect double digits from him.

Cedric Soares 5.6k: The Portuguese arrow will face Hull City at home, another easy scenario. I expect him to send plenty of crosses and to be involved in attacking combinations. Most likely in double digits. Good chance of clean sheet.

Bertrand 5k: If you’re on a tight budget Betrand might be a better option for you, I don’t think he’ll attack as much as Cedric but he can easily be in double digits as well. I expect both players to send plenty of crosses.

Robert Brady 6.4k: He has been in double digits in his last two appearances, even when playing against Manchester United. Most of his points come from the crosses, he has been crossing like crazy. I expect him to be in double digits again this weekend against Crystal Palace.

Ward Prowse 6.5k: His last three performances have been a little bit disappointing but I expect him to be back in double digits this weekend against Hull at home. He’ll be involved in almost all the set pieces and with Southampton having the ball most of the time we should see plenty of corner kicks and indirect free kicks.

Matt Phillips 6.3k: It looks like Matt is back, 11 points against Liverpool with plenty of crosses and shots. Playing against Leicester at home should be a better scenario for him so I expect double digits again this weekend. He’ll be involved in 50% of the set pieces with the other 50% being for Chris Brunt.

Defoe 6.5k: It doesn’t matter how many goals Defoe scores in one season, for DraftKings analyst he’s never good enough to make it over the 7k barrier, I’m good with that. Goal dependent pick but with a good chance to score this weekend against Bournemouth at home.

Anichebe 4.4k: He scored 5 points in his two last appearances, but he’s still a forward playing at home at a very low price. I would say it’s worth it to pick him instead of a defender since he will always have more chances to score than a defender.

Grosicki 7.1k: Usually I would describe Grosicki like a good pick but his last two performances hasn’t been too good. But still, with all the set pieces for him and playing as a forward he should have enough chances to be in double digits again. I have to say though, his price might be too high for playing away against Southampton.



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