DraftKings Premier League Sunday

Well this week we have a pretty interesting Sunday slate as well so why not commenting on some possible picks for our lineups. It will be a very expensive contest since most of the teams in it are in the top 5 and as we all know they have all the top players. In this case I won’t only talk about picks under a certain price, just because I wouldn’t have anything to talk about. Let’s take a look at the picks for Sunday:

Caballero 5.8k: If you want the safest option it will cost you money, but like I said, hes the safest option. Even playing at home Middlesbrough is one of the worst attacking teams in the premier league, also, Man City will have most of the possession tomorrow.

Lloris 5.1k: Arsenal is not in good shape and he Spurs are a very strong team at home, of course it’s a risk picking a goalie that will face players like Alexis Sanchez, Ozil, etc… but I think he has a good chance of keeping a clean sheet.

Navas 5.1k: Possibly one of the best picks in defense, he should be sending plenty of crosses tomorrow since Man City will have the possession. He might get a couple corner kicks as well. More than possible clean sheet.

Holgate 4.5k: Of course never a good scenario to play against Chelsea but since we need low cost defenders Holgate might actually be a good option. Holgate gets most of his points from crosses and tackles won, he’ll have a lot of defensive work to do tomorrow for sure.

Alonso 5.5k: He won’t be too challenged by Barkley since the English man is not a pure winger, I expect him to be able to push upfront and combine a lot with the forwards. He doesn’t usually cross a lot but we can expect 3-4 crosses tomorrow.

De Bruyne 9k: I feel like all the players are a little bit cheaper than usual just because, De Bruyne for 9k against Middlesbrough is a great pick, a must.

Toure 4.5k: I’m not a big fan of this pick but tomorrow might be a good day for him, Manchester City will be around Middlesbroughs area almost all game, this means more chances for Yaya shots. He might get a couple free kicks or even a PK. Goal dependent pick.

Barkley 6.4k: Everton will need him tomorrow to be competitive against Chelsea, like I said before he’s not a winger so I expect him to move inside and combine a lot with Lukaku. Most of his points will come from crosses and shots.

Ericksen 9.3k: In a tight game like this one the only safe pick I see is the Danish man. The Spurs won’t have the possession so he’ll have less chances to shoot and send crosses but I think he’ll be in double digits for sure.

Aguero 9.7k: Looking at the other two games we should try to fit as many Manchester City players in our lineup as we can. It would be a huge risk not to pick Aguero for tomorrow. There’s a small chance Jesus will start for Aguero but I don’t think he’s ready for that yet. Goal dependent pick.

Sane 6.7k: If he starts tomorrow we’ll have the cheapest forward that will face Middlesbrough, worth it. Most of his points will come from crosses and fouls drown. Goal dependent pick.




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