DraftKings Champions League

This week I feel like writing about Champions League picks, I think it’s the first time I’ve done it this season. This is one of the good things of owning this site, I do what I want. Only two games for this week as we all know, Real Madrid vs Atletico and Monaco vs Juventus. Let’s take a look at the player picks for Tuesday:

Navas 5.5k: Keylor is by far the best pick in this position, every time Atletico play Real Madrid their strategy is mostly based on defense and catching one or two counter attacks at the end of the game. I think Real Madrid will go through this without too many problems.

Buffon 5k: He’s the other option back there, of course Juventus have a more solid team and it will be harder for Monaco to score, but I wouldn’t be too confident. Monaco have proven they’re not afraid of anybody and I’m sure they’ll try to score since minute one. I would only go with Buffon if those 0.5k are very important for your lineup.

Marcelo 5.5k: Best defender in DraftKings by far, I would definitely include him in my lineup. He’ll guarantee you crosses, shots and defensive work.

Mendy 5.1k: Another defender that’s not afraid to cross, 15 crosses in his last game. I’m sure it will be more difficult for him to attack against Juventus but I would still give it a go for the home game.

Dani Alves 5.2k: Clean sheets are a big factor for him but he still sends a couple crosses every game and does some defensive work. I you think Juventus will crush Monaco I would go with him but I see him more for the home game than for this one. Same thing goes for Alex Sandro.

Pjanic 6.5k: At this price and with all the set pieces for him I think he should be a must for our lineup. I also expect an open game with chances for both teams which means lots of corners and indirect free kicks for Miralem.

Lemar 6.7k: Another low cost top pick, Lemar will have all the set pieces for him plus he plays as a winger. Expect plenty of crosses from him. He’s not afraid of shooting neither, definitely a great pick at this price.

James Rodriguez 7.4k: We still need to see if he’ll start but if he does I would include him for sure. He’ll be involved in set pieces and I expect Real Madrid to have the ball and create plenty of chances.

Ronaldo 10.6k: Too risky not to include him.

Dybala 9.3k: Juventus big star, he’ll be constantly targeted by his teammates. I wish he was involved in set pieces but he can’t have it all. It will be hard to fit him if we already have Ronaldo but I would go with both if possible.

Mbappe 7.9k: I little bit more affordable is the french player, goal dependent pick but very reliable, meaning he always scores. True, he’ll face Juventus on Tuesday but like I said, he always scores. Now seriously, I’ve let him out before thinking ”He won’t score again” and he did, so take your chances.



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