DrafKings Premier League: Week 36


Happy Wednesday! This weekend we’ll get into the Premier League 36th week, we’re almost at the end and this Saturday we’ll have another slate with none of the top teams included. I personally think this kind of slate is more interesting since the lineups tend to be more balanced and don’t rely only in one or two players performances. But anyway, let’s take a look at some player picks for Saturday:

Schmeichel 5.7k: Pricey but worth it. Watford is one of the worst teams when it comes to getting a good result on the road, and it’s true that Leicester are not what they used to, but they’re still are a solid team at home. I see Schmeichel with a win and a clean sheet this weekend.

Stekelenburg 4.8k: My affordable pick is Everton’s goalie. Playing away is never a good scenario but if I had to choose where, Swansea would be one of my favorite places. Of course this one is a little bit more of a gamble, but I think Evertons’s defense can hold Siggy and Llorente and keep them away from the goal area.

Baines 5k: It’s amazing how there’re no top defenders in any of these teams, so I’m forced to include Baines in my picks. Just kidding, Leighton is a very valid choice but don’t expect fireworks from him, specially when playing away. I can see a couple crosses and a possible clean sheet, I think that out of all the defenders we can choose from, he’ll be the one crossing the most on Saturday.

Adam Smith 5.1k: Definitely not a crosser but he always finds away do end up in double digits or at least very close to it. He doesn’t cross much but is always around the area getting involved in most of the attacking plays, he usually has a couple chances to score every game.

Sigurdsson 9.5k: Probably the safest pick for Saturday, must have.

Mahrez 8.5k: I expect to see the best of him against Watford, the foxes don’t have anything left to fight for but they feel like they have to make their people smile once more after a pretty rough season. Now that the environment is more relax I expect the team and specially players like Mahrez and Vardy to show the best of themselves. He’ll be involved in set pieces.

Fraser 7.7k: His price is going up and now we remember those days when we could buy him for less than 6k. This price is a little too high in my opinion since we have other players, like the two mentioned before, that are already going to take away most of our budget. But still, pretty decent pick, involved in set pieces and will most likely play the 90 min against Stoke.

Shaquiri 8.1k: Playing away makes a big difference for Stoke but it doesn’t seem to be affecting Shaquiri. The Swiss winger has been in double digits in 4 of his last 5 appearances, he’s shooting and crossing more and is deeply involved in almost every attacking play.

Grosicki 7.1k: He hasn’t been in double digits in 5 weeks but it doesn’t look like he stopped trying, the Polish man is very active in every game and tries to stay involved the 90 min. I think Saturday could be his day specially playing at home against Sunderland already relegated.

Lukaku 9.5k: I know it’s an away game but this guy has scored 30 goals in 38 games this season, I wouldn’t risk it.

Vardy 8.2k: What I said about Mahrez goes for Vardy as well, I see him more relaxed, like the weight on is shoulders already lifted. We could easily see them both in double digits this weekend, the only problem is that going without Siggy or Lukaky is a huge risk and I’m afraid that’s the only way to fit one of these two players.



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