[DraftKings] Champions League Semi finals

The last game before the final, it kinda looks like the final is going to be Real Madrid against Juventus but as we all know, anything can happen in soccer. This week Atletico will play at home and so will Juventus, the fact that both Monaco and Atletico need to score multiple goals in their respective games will directly affect our picks. Let’s take a look at the player picks for the Champions League semi final:

Buffon 5.8k: If Gianluigi was already a good pick for the away game, even better playing at home. I expect Monaco to push forward since they need to score at least two goals and pray for Juventus to have a bad day, but I honestly think they’re not going to make it.

Keylor Navas 4.7k: I stick with the two same goalies I picked last week, as you can see Keylor is way cheaper this week so if you’re looking for an affordable pick he’s your man. Just like Monaco, Atletico will have to try to score since minute one, even if that team is not exactly good at comebacks.

Dani Alves 5.8k: I made the mistake of not adding him last week, not gonna happen again. Home game and it looks like he’ll have even more spaces since Monaco will have to start attacking since the beginning, I expect plenty of crosses targeting Higuain and Mandzukic.

Sandro 5.4k: Same thing here, I didn’t expect them to keep a clean sheet last week but it could very well happen on Tuesday. I also see him running to the spaces Monaco will leave in defense and also targeting Higuain and Madzu with his crosses.

Filipe Luis 5k: I insist on Luis, not his best game last week but this time we should see him pushing forward again on Wednesday. Atletico has to win this game and look for the miracle. To be able to do this they will need both left and right backs to constantly challenge Real Madrid’s defense.

Dybala 9.5k: The Argentinian superstar disappointed more than one when he didn’t show up in his teams victory against Monaco, he didn’t really do much this weekend in Serie A. I think Tuesday we’ll see his comeback in front of he’s people, he’s a goal dependent pick but also participates more than the classic number 9.

Lemar 6.2k: Disappointing as well against Juventus last week, having all the set pieces for him wasn’t able to get to double digits. If we take in account that Monaco has to score to even have an option to go through, I would expect Lemar to participate more and to be more involved in attacking plays.

Ronaldo 11.5k: Must have, too risky not to include him.

Higuain 8.8k: I made the mistake of not trusting him for the away game and I ended up paying for it. I won’t make the same mistake, specially playing at home. Goal dependent pick but constantly targeted by his teammates.

Mbappe 7.4k: He has been killing it lately but didn’t show up at the home game, playing away against Juventus will be even more difficult. Goal dependent pick but like Dybala, he likes to participate more in the game and not just wait for the ball.

Griezman 8.4k: Another goal dependent pick, but hey, this is what his team needs, goals! Griezman will have to show up if Atletico wants to make Real Madrid uncomfortable. I don’t think they’re going to make it but they will have to score in front of their people and I’m sure they will try at the very least to win the home game. Griezman is their main man and it’s in games like this one when the big players are supposed to do their magic.


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