Draft Kings Tuesday Premier League


This weekend I took a couple days off so I skipped the Premier League post for Saturday and Sunday, sorry about that, I know you missed me. But don’t worry, here are a couple player picks for the two games we have on Tuesday: Manchester City vs West Brom and Arsenal vs Sunderland.

Caballero 5.7k: Not much when it comes to goalies on Tuesday, I would go with one of the two safe picks, Willy is one of them.

Cech 5.8k: Maybe a little bit more consistent than Caballero , if you can afford it go for it. I know it’s trending to pick cheap goalies and do the risky move expecting the small team to pick up a good result from the big team stadium, but don’t do that trust me.

Bellerin 4.7k: Usually I wouldn’t recommend Bellerin but the last couple games Arsenal switched to a 3-5-3 formation and Bellerin is playing as a right winger, what allows him to pick up more points. This price is pretty decent given the fact he’ll be playing at home against Sunderland.

Nacho Monreal 4.6k: Same situation as Bellerin, Monreal played as a left winger this last couple games and we were able to see him more involved in attack than usual. Again, very low price for an attacking defender playing against Sunderland at home.

Brian Oviedo 3.8k: I include Oviedo more for his price than for what he can offer as far as points. If you need a cheap defender to complete your lineup, he might be better than an Arsenal or Man city center back.

De Bruyne 10.2k: Must have, in a slate like this you want the set piece takers in your lineup.

Sane 6.9k: Leroy has become an important player for Guardiola and he has proven it on the pitch in his last couple games. Averaging 5 shots per game and plenty of crosses, he’ll be a solid an affordable pick for Tuesday. We’ll have to wait until the lineups are confirmed to see if he’ll start.

Ozil 8.2k: I usually don’t like to include Ozil in my lineup, I find him to be a very passive player and he doesn’t participate much. This being said, Alexis will be out on Tuesday so the German player will have to step up, like it or not. He’s also in charge of the set pieces and I expect that game to be dominated by Arsenal. It would be shocking if he doesn’t end up in double digits on Tuesday.

Silva 6.7k: Quite surprised for his low price in this slate, the Spaniard has been performing really well all year long, if he starts on Tuesday I would definitely consider adding him, he will also be involved in some of the left flank set pieces.

Jesus 9.3k: Goal dependent pick, but the truth is the Brazilian man is on fire. It’s hard to find a game where he doesn’t assist or score. If he starts it would be risky not to include him in your lineup.

Giroud 6.7k / Welbeck 6.3k: It could easily happen that Arsenal completely destroys Sunderland and of these two players leaves the game with a couple goals/assists. We’ll have to wait to see who starts but when we know I would go with whoever does.

Sterling 7.9k: Another solid option for your offense on Tuesday, the game against West Brom could also be high scoring for Man city so I would include as many forwards from the citizens as you can. Sterling is not involved in set pieces but is very active in the right flank, sending crosses and shooting a lot every game. He’ll most likely be in double digits on Tuesday.



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