DraftKings Premier League season finale


Here we are finally, the last game of the season. It has been a fun year and Chelsea finally confirmed what we already could see since the start of the second half of this season, the Premier League top teams need to be more competitive. This slate is special, not only because is the last one of the season, also because it includes all the teams and players. It will be a fun and interesting last contest, and since there will be endless possibilities, I’ll focus on those affordable picks below 7k that can make the difference. Let’s take a look at the player picks for Sunday:

Schmeichel 5.2k: Leicester stadium has been always a difficult scenario for all the teams, this season with their bad start it didn’t look like that for a while but in the last couple games of the season we have seen Leicesters solid defense again. I expect Schmeichel to keep a clean sheet and possibly to get the extra 5 from the win as well.

De Gea 5.1k: Hasn’t kept a clean sheet in his last 3 games but kept 3 clean sheets in a row in the 3 before. Which De Gea are we going to see on Sunday? I think Man U needs to say goodbye with a win at home and lets be hones, Crystal Palace shouldn’t be a problem for them if they play a decent game. I expect De Gea to get the extra 5 from the win and possibly to keep a clean sheet as well.

Cedric Soares 5.4k: Cedric has a good game at home against Stoke City, Southampton should be in control of the ball, and since they’re playing at home I expect them to push in attack with both right and left backs. Cedric will most likely get points from crosses and a couple shots + some defensive work.

Trippier 5k: Always reliable when he starts, the kind of right back that’s always pushing upfront and sending crosses looking for the forwards. I expect him to be in double digits, possible clean sheet as well.

Van Anholt 4.4k: He’ll play at Old Trafford which is never the best scenario for a defender, but, it looks like this time he’ll play as a left flank in a 4-4-2 formation. This means he should have more chances to score or assist, and if he doesn’t at the very least he’ll be sending crosses and getting involved in attack.

Silva 6.7k: Manchester City needs a win to make sure they’ll be in the Champions League next season, so I’m sure Guardiola will put his best players. It doesn’t seem like it but Silva is a goal/assist dependent pick, I expect Manchester City to destroy Watford on Sunday so Silva could be picking up points in some of those goals.

Grosicki 6.1k: Two teams without goals for this last game, we’ll most likely see players trying to offer the best from themselves to get some good offers this summer. I his two last games Grosicki has averaged more than 12 crosses, I expect him to be in double digits tomorrow.

Lallana 6.3k: Adam will be playing right behind the two forwards against Middlesbrough at home, Liverpool needs a win to challenge Man City for that 3rd position. I expect Liverpool to win by more than two, so Lallana’s case is similar to Silva’s, he could be picking up points from goals or assists.

Giroud 6.9k: When it comes to forwards there isn’t much below the 7k mark, Giroud is right there at 6.9. Playing against Everton wont be an easy game but I expect Arsenal to step up their game on their last match at home, Giroud could be the one scoring the important goals again. Arsenal needs a win to challenge Liverpool for that 4th place.

Llorente 6k: Fernando Llorente has scored in 3 of his last 4 games, now without the pressure of the relegation battle we’ll most likely see games with more chances and this is good for forwards, and specially for a killer like Fernando.

Origi 6.8k: Liverpool will most likely play with two forwards against Middlesbrough, I expect a game with many goals, this is Origi’s last chance to make his records look a little bit better this season.

Sturridge 6.6k: He already scored in his last game and played almost 90 minutes, if he feels comfortable and doesn’t get hurt we could see him score a couple goals on Sunday. Let’s pay attention to see if he starts because his price is really low for a home game against a team already relegated.


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